Как Медведева и Ковальчук отметят возвращение с Олимпиады Olympics in Korea, has become one of the most difficult for our country. Because of the doping scandal, the IOC has allowed to participate not all athletes. And those who did get to Pyeongchang, performed under a neutral flag. Despite the difficulties, Russian athletes competed with dignity. “StarHit” learned how friends and family supported our heroes.
Как Медведева и Ковальчук отметят возвращение с Олимпиады



The whole world breathlessly watched the confrontation, Evgenia Medvedeva and Alina Sagitova, it’s Evgeni Plushenko and Alexei Yagudin in skirts. Jack eventually took second place, winner of the gold was Alina. That both our girls get on the podium, began to speak after the short program. First new world record set Zhenya, earning 81,61 points, and after just 10 minutes Alina has surpassed her rival and friend, typing 82,92 points. Previously, thanks to the triumphant performance of our girls team won silver in the team tournament. For 18-year-old Medvedev is not the first award, she is a multiple winner of world and European Championships. On the podium in Pyeongchang for Eugene sick grandmother Valentina Popovich. A mother supported at a distance – at home in Moscow.

“Jeanne does not go, because it works and a lot of stress, and excitement is passed from the Genia – shared with “StarHit” Valentina Medvedev. – I accompany granddaughter. This time, as always, tried to help morally. She’s a good girl! With character. When back in Russia organized a festive evening – we’ll order sushi, Jack loves them. In normal times our champion eats salads and soups. Also, be sure to make a gift, but first find out what she wants. Not yet said.”



Sixteen years ago, Pavel Bure became the absolute leader by the number of washers, abandoned in the Olympics. This year his record was able to beat Ilya Kovalchuk. The athlete for which the Games in Pyeongchang were the fifth in his career, the author of 14 goals. Support Ilya from Saint Petersburg arrived wife Nicole, a native of Tver for his sick mother.

Как Медведева и Ковальчук отметят возвращение с Олимпиады“I try not worry much about, but it is impossible, – said Lubov with “StarHit”. – Keep blood pressure pills, it jumps during each game. At such moments, with me watching her daughter Arina. What was an exciting game with the Americans! Always advise the child not to be conducted on provocation. He’s a hot guy, and there just waiting for something else to complain about and to disqualify another Russian athlete. Start to fast, made a promise to God that no piece is superfluous in the mouth will not take, if only my son everything went well”.
Как Медведева и Ковальчук отметят возвращение с Олимпиады

After the Olympics, Kovalchuk waiting for some crucial games, and then he will go to Tver to see loved ones. There is a remarkable occasion – the christening of a nephew of the Seeds. His older sister, Arina, became a mother nine months ago.



Spouse Alexander krushelnitsky and Anastasia Bryzgalova from St. Petersburg will not forget the Olympics… their First duet was named the most stylish. American journalists were so amazed by the beauty of Anastasia that he even compared her to Angelina Jolie. Then they climbed to the third step of the podium, winning the first medal of the Olympic games in the history of Russian Curling. Alas, the tale was short-lived. In the blood of a man found prohibited Meldonium. Court of arbitration for sport stripped Sasha and Nastya bronze for violating anti-doping rules. At the end of last week, the boys returned home. At the airport they were met by relatives with flowers.

“For us, they are still the winners, – said the “StarHit” Andrew, the younger brother of athlete. The mother was very worried. She even prophetic dream on the eve of the competition. She saw the medals and the podium on which he stood, Sasha and Nastya and other athletes. I tried to talk the stones during the game. Dad was ill in a separate room. I’m sure they will have the opportunity to win”.
Как Медведева и Ковальчук отметят возвращение с Олимпиады



21-year-old Denis Spicav won two silver and one bronze in the ski race at different distances, becoming the sensation of the Olympic games. Victory he dedicated to his father – the officer of militia, who died in a car crash in 2009. The home for the athlete was sick all the relatives and even pet.

Как Медведева и Ковальчук отметят возвращение с Олимпиады“Before the competition I went to Church, prayed, – has shared with “StarHit” Xenia, beloved Denis. The next day I watched the broadcast along with our Pomeranian named Yves Saint Laurent, he also worried about the owner. Cried the whole distance from start to finish. Later on the phone, Dennis told me that many ask him: “you Know you’re history got?! We had no medals in the race in free style for 30 years!”

Worried about Dennis and his native city of Vozhega, Vologda region.

“I was watching the stream directly on a pair at the Institute, – has shared with “StarHit” second cousin Christina Spicula. – When I saw brother won, then ran screaming from the audience. The teacher did not understand what happened, I was scared for me. But the fellow explained everything”.
Как Медведева и Ковальчук отметят возвращение с Олимпиады



The bronze medal means a lot for the 26-year-old Ilya Burov from Yaroslavl. At the end of 2016, a freestyler, was in a serious accident. He had broken ribs, torn ligaments and meniscus of the knee joint. Injuries could put an end to his career, but the Boers worked hard and recovered the whole of last year. From Ilya wasn’t expecting a resounding victory, more hopes were pinned on his brother, but Alexander did not hit the crucial stage of the tournament. House in Yaroslavl, the winner was waiting for his wife Anastasia and two small children. The eldest, a four year old Alina, made a gift of a portrait of the Pope.

“Hurt the whole family, – has shared with “StarHit” the spouse. The son and daughter is constantly asked: “Mom, turn on the sport!” Every time I see Illya on TV, cried and rejoiced. Arranged a surprise. Prepare his favorite baked dumplings and spare ribs in the oven, and still want to order salute to the spouse will remember this day forever”.