As Maxim Galkin responded to the “pregnancy” of Alla Pugacheva?

Как Максим Галкин отреагировал на «беременность» Аллы Пугачевой?
Nikas Safronov has solved the mystery of the rounded belly Diva.

“Portrait of the couple Arnolfini” Jan van Eyck

Photo: “Portrait of the couple Arnolfini” Jan van Eyck

Alla Pugacheva recently celebrated their 69th anniversary. Children pleased mom touching compliments, and her husband — a gentle Declaration of love. Friends same Diva had to approach the choice of a gift for the birthday girl with imagination. Nikas Safronov, for example, gave the artist a picture. Portrait of Alla with her husband, apparently, was the most original among other surprises.

Painting, writing Safronov, is a copy of “Portrait of the couple ArnolfiniJan van Eyck, but instead original characters “Brisbane” face Galkin and Pugacheva. Creation, according to Nikas, perfectly fit into the interior of the castle of the star couple. Spicy detail: the Diva with paintings Safronov (as the heroine of the original version) noticeable rounded belly. Image of pregnant Pugacheva many stumped. Maxim, for example, was also a bit surprised artistic conception of a family portrait. Still his wife in the next year will be 70 years old. It’s too late for pregnancy?

It later emerged that the belly Diva is not pregnant. That’s what Safronov has told about the painting: “Alla is not in position, just her raised dress. Even the researchers of this work, van Eyck tend to believe that the woman in the painting holds the heavy folds of his attire. In those days it was also a ritual gesture signifying family loyalty. And, by the way, green in the middle ages was considered a symbol of youth. That is how I take Alla: she is young, the whole life loves and adores all the family and friends!”

Review Nikas, by the way, convinced Galkin. Maxim gladly accepted the gift and confessed that the creation Safronova he liked, according