As Margot Robbie and Chris Hemsworth fought for the title of best Australian

Как Марго Робби и Крис Хемсворт боролись за звание лучшего австралийца

Last Wednesday Margot Robbie and Chris Hemsworth competed for the title of best Aussie on the show Ellen DeGeneres. Leading has created a category called “Ellen Australian Boxers”, where actors come from Australia, due out in funny costumes, kangaroos and huge Boxing gloves. Chris and Margo have to answer questions about Australia, and who gets the most correct answers will receive an amazing prize and the title of “best” Australian.

Как Марго Робби и Крис Хемсворт боролись за звание лучшего австралийца

The questions were not really about Australia. The actor had to answer questions such as: “Name the song Olivia Newton-John”, “the birthplace of Nicole Kidman?”. After a couple of wrong guesses, Margot and Chris was surprised to learn that the correct “Hawaii”. Also Ellen asked the star “to Identify two Australians at the pictures,” which depicted wax figures Liam Chris Hemsworth. According to Chris, is “hungover” version.

The victory went to Chris, after answering more questions. The mysterious prize was Vegemite is the national dish of Australia. “I left with a victory and Vegemite, but you and Margo are both winners. After the show we ate delicious sandwiches with pasta,” writes in his instagram Hemsworth.

By the way, came to the Ellen DeGeneres actors to promote the films in which they played a major role: Margot spoke about the biographical film “Tony against all” (I, Tonya) and Chris on the Thriller “the Cavalry” (12 Strong). Margo played Tonya Harding, American figure skater, which is personally met at the premiere of the film in Los Angeles.

At the premiere, the actress posed for the cameras on the pink background with the legendary skater. Robbie attended the premiere with her husband Tom Ackerly, light metallic dress by Versace with a black belt. The stars talked nicely and smiled for a photo.

This is not the first time a legend of figure skating and the actress who played her in the film, was found. Before filming Margot had the opportunity to talk with Tonya to get a better feel for the character and transfer it to the screen. “She was more worried about me,” Margo recalled about his first meeting with the skater. “I thought that I would meet her for her own reassurance, but it turned out that she was more worried about me — how I can do skating like I’ll deal with the fame at such a young age.”

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