As Kardashian sisters compete for the love of mothers

Как сестры Кардашьян соперничают за любовь мамы

With each new release of the reality show “the Family Kardashian” the public will learn new details and revelations about their lives. This time, Kimberly Kardashian told about rivalry between sisters for the love of a mother Kris Jenner.

Как сестры Кардашьян соперничают за любовь мамы

At that time, as Khloe Kardashian struggled for supremacy between the daughters of Kris Jenner tangible methods, Kim decided to go the other way. It all began with the words of the Cree, that the youngest daughter 20-year-old Kylie was much nicer to her lately than all the rest. It hurt the other sisters, and they decided to rectify the situation. Chloe stocked pantry mother as she loves. To the surprise Chris responded with delight: “My dream has come true!”.

Kim decided to give the mother a cake from her favorite bakery Hansen’s Cakes with the words “I Love you, Mom!”.

“Who knew that my words about Kylie forced my daughters to be even dearer to me,” says Chris. “It worked in my favor.”

But the fight was not going to stop and Kylie decided to give his mother a toaster that she wanted. Kim gave his mother a professional massage, and Chloe went with my mom to Saks Fifth Avenue private shopping.

In the end, Chris decided to say that any gift not received. “I never got her toaster,” says Chris. “Sorry, but I don’t know what are you talking about… I didn’t even get a massage.” In the end, Kim and Chloe bought two cakes, but this time not for eating. One of them soon appeared on the head of Chris, and the other on the floor. “You tricked us!” shouted dissatisfaction sisters. But Chris did not regret his actions: “If this is what I have to do for your attention and good relations to me, at least I’m smart enough to figure it out.”

Recently, Kim was given is not easy. Mother’s attention to her as never before, because Kardashian has fired her assistant Stephanie shepherd, who did nearly all the work of organizing its business and outputs in public. The girl worked for her for 4 years and decided to take on more responsibilities that could not efficiently perform due to lack of professionalism.

“Stephanie was a good assistant, but she wanted to be more involved in the business is Kim, and she gave her this opportunity. But experience and knowledge Stephanie is not enough, so Kim abandoned her services,” the source said about Kardashian’s decision to fire assistant

It is worth noting that when he first met Stephanie during the interview, Kim immediately took her to work, enjoying such great experience and knowledge. The star was pleased with the work of his assistant, she successfully cope with planning the smallest events. Stephanie helped Kim to make the menu for the dinner and organized a trip for his boss. The girl took on too many responsibilities. The assistant even took on the responsibility in helping to create applications Kimoji with a personalized emoticons Kim Kardashian.