Как Дженнифер Энистон и Джастин Теру отпраздновали Рождество

Contrary to rumors about problems in the relationship, Jennifer aniston with her spouse, Justin Theroux celebrated Christmas. Friends of the couple were quick to refute false information and podtverdili that their marriage is still a lot of love and understanding. Apparently, the rumors in the media did not affect the brightest event in the family of the actress.

“They are independent from each other and not try to spend every minute together, but this does not affect the amount of love and joy that exists between them. Justin and Jen do not allow gossip to affect their relationship,” insiders say foreign media. Justin spends a lot of time in new York and Jennifer in Los Angeles, but the distance does not affect their cordial relations. For the holidays the couple to reunite together in his house in Bel air. Right after Christmas along with a couple of friends flew to Mexico, in Cabo San Lucas, where she plans to celebrate the New year.

The Christmas holidays were another excuse to get together, because of the large amount of work the spouses do not rarely parted for long. Recently, Jennifer and Justin worked on projects in different parts of the country. But it did not break the spirit of the spouses and those who have found various ways to see: that Jennifer went to Justin, he to her. “The fact that they spend a lot of time separately doesn’t mean they’re getting a divorce or that they have some problems in the relationship. Jennifer loves Los Angeles, and Justin used to new York. They knew this about each other, and for them it was never a problem,” says an insider.

Recall that in 2015 the couple got married after four years of engagement. Despite the fact that the couple does not put the relationship on the show, to doubt their love has no reason. The couple decided not to make magnificent celebrations, has cost the party in honor of the birthday of Justin.