Как это было: возлюбленные прославленных хоккеистов на ЧМ-2016 Russia took third place at the world Championship on hockey. The team beat the Americans with the score 7:2. In the stands of young players supported by a beautiful girl. “StarHit” found that the most active cheerleaders have become wives and lady athletes.

      Как это было: возлюбленные прославленных хоккеистов на ЧМ-2016

      On the eve of Russian national team on hockey has won a victory in the match for third place at the world Championships and won the bronze medal. On all games my team supported them wonderful and beautiful girls. “StarHit” found wives and lovers what hockey players do not miss a single game and even the cheerleader outfit look sexy.

      Anastasia Subsky

      Anastasia is the bride striker Alexander Ovechkin. 21-year-old daughter Vera Glagoleva and Cyril Shubsky tries not to miss a single game of his beloved and really missed him when he went to the United States. Subsky and Ovechkin have planned the wedding ceremony in the summer of 2016.

      “Before the wedding will be the wedding. Get married after the end of the sports season in July-August 2016. In Moscow or abroad – is now solved. Details of the occasion we have not discussed, but the dress I will choose from the collections of Zuhair Murad and Elie Saab,” said Anastasia.

      Как это было: возлюбленные прославленных хоккеистов на ЧМ-2016

      The couple’s relationship has been developing very rapidly. Subsky recalled that the proposal of marriage received very unexpectedly. Alexander left this morning for an important meeting, saying that he did not know, at what will be released. But after a couple of hours returned with a huge bouquet and a stunning ring.

      Alexander Ovechkin would get married with Anastasia Subsky

      During the world Cup Anastasia from each game did photos in his Instagram. “I am proud of our men! Worked for the season and, at the first opportunity, came to play for your favorite country! Forward, Russia! Come on, guys! We are with you!” – Subsky signed photo with a friend in the stands of the ice Palace, which hosted the tournament.

      Как это было: возлюбленные прославленных хоккеистов на ЧМ-2016

      Subsky is actively preparing for the wedding. She was able to find a common language with my future mother-in-law. According to the mother of the bride, Vera Glagoleva she was friends with Sasha’s mother. Parents watching the Ovechkin family and the love of young people. The actress is happy that her daughter be chosen. “Sasha is a very sincere man, I believe his feelings for Nastya real. In their home love, I am happy that they found each other,” said Vera Glagoleva in one of the airs.

      Как это было: возлюбленные прославленных хоккеистов на ЧМ-2016

      Barbara Amosova

      Barbara Amos is very friendly with Anastasia Subsky, because her boyfriend Dmitry Orlov is playing the same hockey team with Alexander Ovechkin of the Washington capitals”. She was born in Novokuznetsk. Fiancee Orlov graduated from the faculty of physical culture Kuzbass state pedagogical Academy. Spectacular brunette is standing on skates, as for many years was engaged in figure skating. In March 2010, Barbara was in the ice show to Igor Bobrin “Bolshoi on Ice”, which she considers a great achievement.

      Как это было: возлюбленные прославленных хоккеистов на ЧМ-2016

      Under the photo from the podium during the decisive match between Russia and the United States Barbara wrote: “We are with you until the last second!”.

      Amosov is a candidate master of sports in figure skating and trains future Champions. “I love children and I think that the little kids who come to us in 4-5 years, also attracted to me. I like to explain, to show the elements of figure skating. I wonder with them, because I just recently had the same as them,” said the girl Orlov.

      Dima and Cooking met in the US a few years ago and instantly fell in love with each other. To take a break from work, they usually go along to sunbathe on the Sunny coast of the Dominican Republic.


      The singer joined the ranks of the cheerleaders quite recently. About a month ago, Pelagia began to see striker Ivan Telegin. Their relationship sparked discussions in society, as the athlete was the civil wife and the small child. Pelagia does not hide their ardent feelings for the boyfriend.

      On the match against USA, the singer was very worried about Telegina, because he’s got one of the main roles in the game. He met the expectations of a friend and scored the decisive goal. After playing with the Americans Ivan and his beloved together with the rest went to celebrate a victory in one of the Moscow clubs. Pelagia had some fun with her boyfriend in a karaoke bar

      Как это было: возлюбленные прославленных хоккеистов на ЧМ-2016

      Elena Belova

      The wife of world Champion 2014 Anton Belov, Elena was supportive of her husband at all games. On his page in the social network of Lena leaves encouraging players slogans: “Breath deep, hands wider. Golf – three-four! Courage!”. The girl is not alien thirst for victory. It with 12 years of experience in Thai Boxing, and for that she was nicknamed “Tyson”. While Dating Anton almost didn’t hear anything about his future wife.

      “He only knew my nickname that I love martial arts and I go to workout. In the fourth year of a joint life relative asked to see the video of my workout, and then added: “Anton, I would not argue with her.” And then already interested in Anton watched the video. But I never show of their skills — no family, no friends,” said Elena in an interview with reporters.

      Elena and Anton were married in 2012 and now has a daughter Taisiya. Spouse Belova always inspiring for new achievements in sports.

      Как это было: возлюбленные прославленных хоккеистов на ЧМ-2016

      Olga Bobrovskaya

      Olga tries not to miss one of the games of Sergei Bobrovsky, who performs the functions of the goalkeeper of Russian national team. “A half-hour wait, 15 minutes for the meeting and so until the next game, such is family life,” the beloved Belov describes their relationship with her husband during the playing season.

      Sergey and Olga are married since 2011. Then the couple had to get married in “haste” because Jane did not give a visa to the United States, where she worked her boyfriend. Lovers had to meet in Canada, in the cities, where they played the team of Sergey “the Philadelphia Flyers”.

      Video published Olya Bobrovsky (@olya_bobrovsky) 22 August 2016 at 9:27 am PDT

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