Как Хейли Болдуин и Джастин Бибер готовятся к свадьбе и проводят время с Верой Брежневой?

From Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber is now a special period in life. At the prow of their wedding and the stars are preparing for the important event. Family life requires a lot of power and output of two lovers, so they decided to ask the help of pastor Carl Lenz. A couple of familiar with it for many years, so the Lenz family is always happy stars. So Monday Hailey and Justin spent at his house. Pastor Lentz is helping the stars prepare for marriage and future family life.

The couple approached the house of friends on sport Lamborgini. Leaving the car on the roadside, the stars headed to the front door where they were waiting for a couple with a young son. Looks like Hayley are very close with the baby, because immediately rushed to him. She took his hands, which he was very happy. For visiting friends model chosen suit goshi Rubchinskiy, which consists of a dark sweatshirt and sweatpants. On sweatshirt the inscription “Russia”.

Day for the stars is remembered not only for one visit of a pastor and his family. Earlier, the couple met with the representative of the Russian showbiz Vera Brezhneva. This was told by her daughter Sonya, putting the photo on social networks with the inscription “While I watch “Friends” at school.” Representatives of different cultures in the hotel Montage Hotel.

Earlier Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin during a regular romantic walks decided to share it with fans. On the streets of Beverly hills star walked along, but suddenly they were approached by a group of fans, which is the normal practice. The stars were in good spirits and did not blame the girls for what they have disturbed their peace. On the contrary, the singer and model even walked with groupies. they sweet talked and joked the whole way to the apartment of the stars.