Как родные и близкие поздравили Кайли Дженнер с рождением ребенка

A few hours ago it became known that the 20-year-old Kylie Jenner first became a mother. It has already managed to congratulate relatives and friends.

Как родные и близкие поздравили Кайли Дженнер с рождением ребенка

“February 1, 2018. Forever. New Ranger in town,” wrote on Twitter, the 25-year-old lover Kylie and the baby’s father Travis Scott.

“I’m so excited and happy that in our family there was one pretty girl!”says Kris Jenner, Kylie’s mother, putting the touching video from the trip.

Sisters Kylie, Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner weren’t so long-winded, and showed their joy at the birth of the child emoticons in the form of hearts. And here is Chloe Kardashian in her Instagram published a picture in which she and Kylie, being both pregnant (Chloe, too, will become a mother soon), gently holding their rounded bellies.

“I congratulate you, my sweet Kylie! What a magical journey it was. I miss you already pregnant. Never thought we’ll do it together, but that’s why it will be special. God is great, and he was originally the plan. Love you, mommy!”writes Chloe.

Best friend Kylie, Jordan woods, posted Instagram picture with baby shower party in honor of the baby. “Your development and maturity never ceased to amaze me. I’m so glad this new addition!”the girl is surprised.

The birth of the baby pushed into the background all feelings of the family about the pregnancy of Kylie. The closer was the date of birth of the baby, the more Kylie was worried that can not cope with his upbringing. She has nothing to worry about, because the advisers in the family Kardashian-Jenner abound, but not only cares mom Kylie. “The family is still worried because Kylie is too young. But they will support and help her with the baby. Her sister trying to give her as many tips,” says an insider.

Kylie’s mom Kris Jenner outraged that her daughter’s boyfriend Travis does not care about her. Rumor has it that he even changes the expectant mother of his child. “Chris is really pissed. She’s mad at indifferent to her daughter Travis. Chris never saw his concern. Travis is separated from his family, and Chris did not understand how in the future Kylie will develop a relationship with him, but now she is extremely disappointed. Chris made it clear to Travis that her daughter deserves better and that he better not hurt her,” says the insider.

Father of Kylie, which in 2015 had a sex change and appeared before the public as Kathleen Jenner, also wasn’t happy news about pregnancy of the daughter. “Kathleen Jenner first was not happy when I heard that Kylie will become a mother,” says the insider, adding that as Chris questioned the boyfriend.