Как Эмилия Кларк отпраздновала свои 33 года

Как Эмилия Кларк отпраздновала свои 33 года

23 Oct 2019 famous Hollywood actress Emilia Clarke turned 33 years old. The first star of the series “Game of thrones” congratulated her relatives. Native people gave Emilia a huge beautiful cake and came to visit. This became known from the social network Instagram, where the celebrity told fans about his happiness.
Emilia immediately put a picture with the cake on your page and signed shot so: “Early to surprise you on your birthday! In this photo, the cake and two-year-old lover of this delicacy. With confidence I can say that I love”. The family had to congratulate the actress ahead of schedule due to the fact that she had to go to Paris for the premiere of the film.

At the moment, is promotur film “Christmas for two”, in which Emilia played a major role. So the girl fate has been on my birthday in Paris, which turned out to be very happy. To celebrate their 33 years Clark decided in one of the Parisian restaurants where the dessert she ordered a cupcake with a candle. She thanked the film “Christmas for two” for the fact that she had the opportunity to celebrate the holiday in Paris.

Of course Emily was congratulated by a huge number of fans in social networks. However colleagues have not forgotten about it, under the photo you can read the wishes from Courteney Cox, Jason Momoa, Reese Witherspoon.

World premiere of “Christmas for two” will be held on November 7 to see the film in cinemas will be in a month. Emilia plays in the movie the main role of the saleswoman in Christmas decorations, which it is not interested in the opposite sex, but she shows interest in alcohol. Everything will change after the heroine will meet Henry Golding. It must be one of the best new year’s eve, this star actors cannot be overlooked.

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