Как Дэвид и Виктория Бекхэм отметили годовщину свадьбы?

Yesterday, one of the most popular couples of UK after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, David and Victoria Beckham celebrated the 19th wedding anniversary. And all this despite the constant rumors about the divorce. It seems that the couple is not going to leave.

Как Дэвид и Виктория Бекхэм отметили годовщину свадьбы?

In such an important date David decided to take my wife to one of the restaurants in Paris. Judging by the stories associated with Victoria, the couple had a great time. David ordered your favorite gourmet dessert and bottle of wine for 700 euros: “a Special wine in honor of the holiday.”

David himself loved the celebration of such a great date marriage. He shared with his followers a photo from Victoria, which congratulated the beloved: “for 19 years… WOW. At this time 19 years ago I was wearing a purple suit. Happy anniversary to the best wife and mom… Love you.” And Victoria has congratulated the wife in the second post: “I love you.” And the most important thing!

David and Victoria met in 1997. After a year David took a sweetheart offer, but the wedding had to be postponed because of the pregnancy of Victoria. In March 1999, came to light their first son Brooklyn, and exactly four months later, the lovebirds got married in an Irish castle Luttrelstown. Now the Beckhams are already raising four children — two sons, Romeo and Cruz and daughter Harper.

Recall, Harper Beckham, the only daughter of Victoria and David Beckham, birthday from ponies. Tabloid the Sun he satisfied the curiosity of the public and learned that ponies cost the family of 7 thousand pounds. Horse riding is traditional for the British, so Harper was no exception and used to do horse riding last months before his seventh birthday.

The parents love their daughter, and David even has a tattoo of a tattoo in honor of Harper. On the neck, where it was already tattooed her name, loving father finished the word “beauty”.
“Hey, babe.. Just added another tattoo to her collection, which means a lot to me” — wrote David on his page in the social network.

Delighted girls not just her parents but the public. If you have previously netizens have discussed her Moody behavior at the airport, now just praise baby. The girl’s mother once shared a photo on my instagram where you can see long hair Harper.

Little one engaged in creative work in the fresh air, while mom recorded it from the back. From this perspective perfectly clear long hair girls. Members of the designer in the comments are unable to ignore this beauty and immediately broke out a flattering review little girl and her mother. Many have called Harper a real Rapunzel.

The main defenders of long hair girls became her father, David Beckham. Trying Victoria to cut the girl, he immediately objected: “No! Since the birth of Harper we not cut her hair. They’re so good, right?!”.

While Harper enjoyed the work, her older brothers were not bored: they prepared the dessert, chocolate-covered strawberries. Frames of the kitchen Victoria also shared in Instagram.