Как знаменитости шутят друг над другом

Jokes the most beautiful Hollywood couple Ryan Rodney Reynolds and Blake lively already turned on solid trolling-race! Here is not the best photo my wife put Ryan in the social network, signing it without filters. As if hinting that Blake goes so daily! But really, it’s just footage from the film, in which he played Blake. But the actress always knows how to answer. For example, a romantic photo of the couple. Ryan lovingly looks at his wife, hand Blake on his chest. Here and asks a lot of great love, but it’s not about the Reynolds family.

Как знаменитости шутят друг над другом
“In this photo, my main pride. This is an incredible hairstyle that I did myself!”, — signed the post Blake lively.
After a while Ryan originally congratulated his wife with a birthday party and showed the whole world her bad photos, but two months later, Blake played in full on the birthday of Ryan with his finger in his nose.

Как знаменитости шутят друг над другом
“I’m good got. Happy birthday, Ryan!”, — she signed congratulatory photo from this embarrassing scene.
The couple never offended by jokes to each other and in this way shows his love. Who still do not believe that the humor for love is the key to a happy and strong marriage.
But those two trolling will not surpass one! Their battle lasted for more than 15 years. Even back in 2005, leading Jimmy Kimmel on his show decided to improvising the scene and stated that apologizes to Matt Damon, but he did not have enough airtime. After some time he actually invited Matt Damon on the show, but time for it again left. So the audience saw only his outrage with foul language, when the credits ran. Resentful, Matt shot a video about the fact that he sleeps with a girl Kimmel. But he replied with dignity, presenting a video about what sleeping with Ben Affleck is the best friend of Damon. Also gathered a chorus of superstars.

Как знаменитости шутят друг над другом
As soon as Kimmel was not joking over Matt. Filmed a parody on “the Bourne Ultimatum”, joked in an interview and the actor has run out of patience. In 2013, he took the comic captured, bound with duct tape leading to the chair and he took the lead of his show.
“I’ve been waiting for this moment!”, — said on the show Matt.
In 2016, the opposition reached a new level. Damon interrupted speech Kimmel in the middle of the ceremony “Emmy”.
“We can cheer up Jimmy, he’s a big “loser” applause!”, — said Matt.

But at the ceremony “Oscar” Kimmel has already played, agreed to the name Damon even sounded, so it was called a guest. Jimmy managed to hurt Matt, even without words. As soon as he opened his mouth, the music started playing so loud, it drowned out the words of the actor.
But the public and by stars like “warm” relationship!

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