As a pregnant Eva Longoria congratulated the fans a happy Easter

Как беременная Ева Лонгория поздравила поклонников с Пасхой

The star of the show “Desperate Housewives” Eva Longoria once again show off his rounded belly, but this time in honor of Easter. She congratulated fans on instagram with the festival, showing a photo of the belly, which holds the Easter egg.

Как беременная Ева Лонгория поздравила поклонников с Пасхой

“Happy Easter from my egg!!,” Longoria writes in his integral under the photo, where she holds a purple egg over his growing belly.

Easter week Longoria decided to spend away from the city, resting in an open swimsuit water. Indeed, the rest of the star is now very necessary, because despite the last months of pregnancy, Eva is busy moving from the house in which lived for 10 years. As reported in the overseas edition of Variety, the house in the Spanish style the actress has put up for sale for $ 3.795 million.

“I’m leaving the house in which lived for 10 years,” says Longoria in a video uploaded on his page in instagram storis last month. “The house is completely empty. Everything is already Packed, so this place is so empty.”

“I’m going to miss this place,” says the actress, but admits that there is something, what it’s about entertainment not to be. “I’ll tell you what I won’t miss these stairs. Every time I get in the car and realize I forgot my glasses or phone, then indignant, “Uh, I’ll have to go back up the stairs in order to pick them up.”

Despite recent pregnancy, 43-year-old Eva Longoria is feeling great and full of energy for the move. About the preparation for the birth of a baby the actress also told in an interview to People magazine. “For me now is the Golden time, when I am full of energy and difficult period of the first trimester behind us,” — said the actress.

Longoria will become a mother for the first time. Despite the fact that her 49-year-old wife of Jose Antonio Baston has three children from a previous marriage, Eva admits that has a large experience with children. “I don’t know anything about motherhood, although I have a lot of nieces and female friends who have children. So I read a lot of different literature on the subject,” she says.

The actress, who continues to regularly go out and wear dresses and shoes, admitted that now the main factor when choosing clothes for her was a comfort. “I bought leggings for pregnant women, because it is convenient. His old clothes I can no longer wear,” says the star, and admits that already can not wait, how will be able to wear your favorite jeans that were before the pregnancy.