Как мама Милы Кунис отреагировала на начало отношений с Эштоном Катчером?

In an interview with Dex Shepard for his Expert podcast, Armchair Mila kunis said about how reacted her mother Elvira at the beginning of a relationship with Ashton Kutcher and heavy parting with Macklem Kalkin. Mother of the actress has not forgotten the swearing in Russian and is not afraid to use it.

Как мама Милы Кунис отреагировала на начало отношений с Эштоном Катчером?

“We drove with my mom the area of Laurel Canyon in Hollywood, and then I said, “Mom, I need to tell you about my new boyfriend.” She replied: “Ooooh, tell me-tell me! Who is he?” And I said, “Just don’t faint… I’m Dating Ashton Kutcher”. In response, she swore in Russian.”

Such a reaction mother Mila explained that at that moment she had not the best opinion about the new choice daughter. The media widely discussed the divorce Kutcher and demi Moore. Says the actress, then had a lot of false reports. “People have wrong opinion about it, it happened purely on the rumours that were far from the truth — says Mila. — Starting our relationship we were very honest with each other, we knew exactly what each of us actually… We accepted each other for who we are!”

Mila began a relationship with Kutcher, two years after breaking up with Macklem Kalkin. They dated for 8 years and the time to remember her very hard. “It was a horrible breakup. Awful, awful, awful parting! It took me a long time to get out of that state and to accept whatever happened. When we were together, Mikkola was a superstar, he was impossible to walk down the street. Fans constantly screaming… They didn’t know how else to respond. But this was not a normal reaction to a celebrity, the fans behaved frightening.”

And recently, kunis talked about how she hears the news about himself. Mila kunis and Ashton Kutcher are increasingly surprise media. Those not too lazy to come up with new rumors about the couple. Actors have often been divorced, according to rumors in the media, and not once Mila became pregnant. The star herself admits that currently the news is not known, because the logs are round. But sometimes can not look at the cover of the next edition.

“I never read. Fortunately, I almost never know what they write about me… no, know that there are pregnant at least once a year and we Ashton also get divorced every year. I know when I go to the grocery store and see a shelf on the magazine cover with these headers. “Well, okay” — I think at such moments”, — said Mila in a new interview with us Cosmopolitan.

Mila would have continued not to pay attention to rumors, but how they affect her family and friends, you just can not leave indifferent actress. “I would not pay attention to it, but it upsets me that such news was puzzling my family… One day when I was pregnant, the tabloids wrote that I was hospitalized, and placed my photo on the cover. Nobody can imagine the amount of stress my family is facing due to such news. Although my father always hoped that the rumors about my pregnancy — the truth”.