Артур Смольянинов познакомил биологического отца со своим сыном Actor for a long time did not communicate with the parent. Only recently Arthur Smolyaninovu managed to establish contact with the man and even to introduce him to his only heir. “StarHit” learned how a relative living movie stars.

      Артур Смольянинов познакомил биологического отца со своим сыном

      The last day of summer, 31 August, the actor said leather wedding three years ago, he married the star of the series “father’s daughter” Daria Melnikova. In October 2015 the couple first child was born… anniversary of the marriage the couple traditionally celebrated in a narrow circle of friends and relatives.

      Darya Melnikova and Artur Smolyaninov: a love story, the secret wedding and pregnancy

      Not to the party except his own father, a 32-year-old Smolyaninova – 64-year-old Sergey Povolotsky. The man left the family when Arthur was very young, in this relationship of father and son for a long time broken. With the stepfather of understanding to find it did not work. In an interview with the actor again bitterly confessed that all his life felt the need for paternal attention and support… Only a few years ago. finally got back in touch with the birth parent.

      “Our family communicates with Arthur, but rarely – says “StarHit” the half-brother of actor for Pope Alexander. – He has a very busy life, tight schedule, lots of work… No time. For the performances he is ever invited, as well as on the wedding.”
      Артур Смольянинов познакомил биологического отца со своим сыном

      Povolotskii live very modestly in a small apartment in the North-West of Moscow. The father of the actor of the last 40 years working as a teacher of music, now teaches at the Moscow Lyceum №308. In 2003, he even was awarded the honorary title “teacher of the year”. Sometimes a man earns performances at concerts in town. The highlight of the program – the song “Alexander” from a film “Moscow does not believe in tears”.

      “Recently, Arthur introducing dad with his young son,” continued the brother of the artist. Is his second grandchild.” There is still a three-year Yasya – daughter of the younger sister Ksenia Smolyaninova.

      Despite frequent participation in rallies in support of orphanages and hospitals, the family of his father, the actor hardly helps. According to the portal of the Federal service of court bailiffs, the father Smolyaninova, for example, listed debt in the amount of 60 thousand rubles.

      Meanwhile, Arthur is quite successful and popular in the profession: an advertisement – one of the last roller of the Tretyakov gallery, played in many performances on the stage of the theater “Contemporary”, involved in several films. And recently at a charity sale in the Park “Sokolniki” him with his wife Daria Melnikova managed to collect more than 220 thousand rubles. On these money were purchased 11 sets for leukocytapheresis the Moscow Institute of children’s Hematology and Transplantology. Raisa Gorbacheva.

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