Artemy Troitsky said that the song Marouani itself is plagiarism

Артемий Троицкий заявил, что песня Маруани сама является плагиатом

The story continues…As you know, French musician Didier Marouani accused of plagiarism Philip Kirkorov. According to Marouani song Kirkorov “tough love” is an exact copy of his hit “Symphonic Space Dream”.

Lawyer Philip Bedrosovich says that his client isn’t guilty because he bought the already-written song from the author Oleg Popkov. Attention Didel now switched from Kirkorov to Popkov, who in turn filed a lawsuit against the French for liiallinen. Oleg conducted its own investigation and found that he wrote the hit can’t be plagiarism because it was registered in copyright society for 8 years before the “Symphonic Space Dream”.

The trial is still going on, and in the meantime a music expert Artemy Troitsky decided to side with Russian musicians, noting that the song Marouani, for which he is fighting, she is a rip-off.

“For 22 years before Marouani and Popkov in 1980 he released a song called “Fame”, performed by American singer Irene Cara. It was written by American composer Michael Gore. And if you compare “Fame” with the work of Didier Marouani “Symphonic Space Dream”, you will not notice almost any differences, told the audience Artemy Troitsky.-That is to the credit of Philip Kirkorov, it is necessary to say that they are with the composer Popkov had approached the task a little more creatively. At least they rate significantly reduced. Well, somehow slightly altered verse. As for Didier Marouani, he copied the “Fame” exactly. And how Marouani now going to pursue in the United States Philip Kirkorov is not very clear”.

Below, you can try to assess which song is kind of similar: