Artemy Lebedev made a sensational recognition about his personal life

Артемий Лебедев сделал сенсационное признание о личной жизни Well-known designer and blogger first started talking about heirs. Artemy Lebedev noted that he has extensive experience in the education of children. In recognition of the men, he recently became a father for the tenth time. The statement of the leader of the Internet provoked a heated debate on the Network.
Артемий Лебедев сделал сенсационное признание о личной жизни

42-year-old designer Artemy Lebedev, the son of writer Tatyana Tolstaya, prefer to keep personal life secret from the public. For a long time the man didn’t divulge any information about their children, but recently stunned followers with an unexpected announcement. “Someone this post will disappoint you, and someone to enchant” – these intriguing words Lebedev began his story. Then Artemy, much to the surprise of followers, announced the birth of a tenth child.

“Different people know me as a designer, traveler and student helicopter club, alcoholic, blogger, repairman entrances, grandfather of the Runet, collector, buyer of yogurt. (…) It’s great achievements, but there is one quality in which I achieved the greatest heights – fatherhood. Today I made a great feat and became a father for the tenth time. Now I have four girls and six boys ranging from zero to 22 years”, – said Lebedev the evening before.
Артемий Лебедев сделал сенсационное признание о личной жизни

In recognition Lebedev, all of his previous achievements are worth nothing compared to fatherhood. The man has told that knows about how to care for the younger generation. “I can congratulate with the addition of, and with the fact that now I will be writing about parenting, the area in which I know about logos,” said Artemije.

Social media users have reacted to the statement by Lebedev and wished his heirs to grow up healthy and happy. “10 children. I’m freakin ‘ out,” “And when you have all the time? Congratulations,” “I Now understand why Artem so travels a lot. I would do the runaway”, “This is the most touching that I’ve read over the past few years,” “That’s cool”, “Handsome”, “wow. The words ran out and started”, “Just culture shock. You never wrote about his personal life, but about other Hobbies very detailed. The impression that you’re not interested,” was discussed on the Internet.

The head of the charity Fund “Need help” Mitya Aleshkovsky joined congratulations of the subscribers friend.

Артемий Лебедев сделал сенсационное признание о личной жизни“Well, you finally came out and told about the family! Congratulations on the birth! Awesome, boy,” the man turned to Lebedev.

At the same time, some followers of Artemis put his words into question. They put forward the hypothesis that when Lebedev says about fatherhood, he refers to their projects. Others have even come to the conclusion that the designer has decided to make a joke. “The following post is from Artemis: “I hate children”, “Assholes. Studio 95 is running. She’s 22”, “Through complicated mathematical calculations I found out that either the mother of Artemis without a break to give birth and had nothing else to do since the very moment of adulthood, or he’s holding something back”, “Testing algorithms of coverage in the age of Facebook?”, “Godchildren?”, “During the discussion could appear 11-y”, – commented the Internet users.