Artem Tkachenko spoke about childbirth

Артем Ткаченко разоткровенничался о родах жены The actors who played last week, a fancy wedding, told about the most important event in their life together – the birth of a son. The couple got through it together. The confessions of Artem Tkachenko, he experienced serious stress.
Артем Ткаченко разоткровенничался о родах жены

Recently held a celebration in honor of the marriage of Artem Tkachenko and Catherine Stabling, which attracted the attention of the press and fans. The newlyweds had to answer a lot of questions. The artists not used to publicize the details of his personal life, but this time made an exception and shared memories of a very intimate moment – the birth of the son of Stepan. The baby was born in November of 2016, what the young mother said on the page in one of social networks. But still the actor wasn’t told that was present at birth.

Catherine admitted that she insisted that her husband was beside her. “I really wanted to attend the birth. They have been natural – music, a bathtub, water, candles…” she explained. Artem admitted that it was given to him not so easy.

“It was a nervous history, he said. – If a woman during childbirth is disconnected, the man, by contrast, is on the ground and feels like he’s giving birth. Periods it was very scary. Although, of course, is to recognize that it really is a sacred moment that pulls together, takes the relationship to another level.”
Артем Ткаченко разоткровенничался о родах жены

Note that the star couple formalized the relationship shortly before the momentous event, when Steblina was in her eighth month of pregnancy. To advertise the trip to the registry office they did not, so the marriage only started talking in February, when microblogging Catherine has a photo of the beloved with the ring on his finger. Fans of the stars of “Swordsman” immediately speculated that his marital status has changed. Excuses actors: Catherine changed the name in social networks, and Artem became the favorite to sign “my wife”.

Артем Ткаченко разоткровенничался о родах жены

The official part, the couple decided to postpone until the summer to properly enjoy the moment. And they succeeded. The ceremony was held in the Moscow region. Among the guests lit up a the world of cinema and music, including Rinal Mukhametov, Nikita Kukushkin, Suzanne Achieva, Pavel Derevyanko, as well as the lead singer of the band Tesla Boy, Anton Sevidov. As a presenter was invited to showman Alexander Revva, who did not give the audience bored. In addition, the son of the star couple have grown up a bit, and Catherine was able to briefly escape from parental responsibilities.

“Now Stepan 9 months, quite conscious age, to give mom to have fun at the wedding,” he joked in an interview with OK! Steblina.