Artem Tkachenko spent the weekend together with ex-wife

Артем Ткаченко провел выходные вместе с экс-супругой
Some time ago hosted a chic wedding famous actor Artem Tkachenko with his beloved Catherine Stabling.

Артем Ткаченко провел выходные вместе с экс-супругой

The couple grows a charming son Stephen, born about a year ago.

Artem managed to stay on friendly terms with their ex-spouses, RAVENOL Kursovoy and Eugenia Krapovickas. Tkachenko is often seen with his sons.

“I try to spend with the children as much time as possible, despite his busy work schedule. Use every opportunity. Turned out to be two weekends came and went to grandma’s. Kate has a toddler to me recently came for a week to shoot” – said the man.

According to Tkachenko, the birth of children changes a man, and he was no exception.

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