Artem Tkachenko spent a week with his ex-wife

Артем Ткаченко провел неделю с бывшей женой The actor, who recently married the knot for the third time, preserved friendly relations with ex-wife Eugenia Krapovickas that gave him the eldest son Tikhon. Despite the fact that the actors broke up, Artem Tkachenko takes part in the upbringing of the heir.

Not so long ago, actor Artem Tkachenko, Aleksey Danishevsky who played in the film “Gogol. The beginning”, staged a lavish wedding with fiancee Catherine Stabling. The ceremony, which lasted till the morning, was attended by numerous colleagues and friends of the newlyweds. By the way, lovers raise a child together – son Stepan. A cute baby was born in November last year.

Artem Tkachenko threw a great wedding ceremony

Famous actor maintains good relationships with ex-wives – RAVENOL Kursovoy and Eugene Krapovickas that gave him the eldest son Tikhon. Being a responsible father, Tkachenko regularly see the child, not so long ago, ex-wife men came to him with the boy.

“I try to spend with the children as much time as possible, despite his busy work schedule. Use every opportunity. Turned out to be two weekends came and went to grandma’s. Kate has a toddler to me recently came for a week to the shooting,” shared the actor with the journalists.

Tkachenko believes that everyone changes when he has children. “It is no longer your own. Some things can’t afford, especially if there is a risk of losing health. The thought “Wait, what if something goes wrong, who will raise your children?” quickly cools the hot heads”, – says the man.

During the conversation with journalists Artem Tkachenko also explained why he married three times. The actor joked that he considers himself a decent man, so every time make an offer of marriage to the woman he loves. “But seriously, I never thought about it,” he added. Nevertheless, Tkachenko said that over time he had personal experience, which no one else has. “Yeah, sometimes life was very dramatic, but what can you do!” – said Artem.

Most recently, the actor took part in work on a Comedy directed by Tatiana Captain “something is wrong with the parents” together with RAVENOL Kursovoy. The film premiere is expected in December. The former couple have repeatedly admitted that they get along well among themselves, despite the divorce. The artists parted without quarrels and willingly agree to appear in certain projects. “I RAVENOL comfortable, we have a great relationship, have been friends for many years. Proven people would go with each other in exploration,” – said Tkachenko in an interview with “Collection Caravan of stories”.