Artem Mikhalkov boasted talent daughter

Артем Михалков похвастался талантом дочки
Granddaughter of Nikita Mikhalkov is growing amazingly gifted girl.

Artem Mikhalkov with his daughter Natasha


Artem Mikhalkov is very proud of his daughter and does not tire of talking about her talent: she draws well. The Director admitted that now Natasha has a big surprise for grandma Tatyana Mikhalkova, whose 14 Feb the birthday. “We did not know until recently that it will be. But Natasha remembered that Kuznetsova loves the landscapes. Nature calms her down and relaxes. Hope, created by the hands of the granddaughter gift grandma will bring joy.”

Have daughter Mikhalkov and other talents: for example, Natasha may be due to
in Italian, she goes there to language
courses. Remember, I came to her with otrashivat
lesson, and she very quickly about something
spoke with the teacher on
Italian and all, “Dad, come on, I
let go!”

Natasha is interested in
family history: who was the great-grandmother,
that was written by the great-grandfather and so on.
Reads books of Sergei Mikhalkov, a
his poems learned by heart.
Moreover, Natasha — nature very
creative, her favorite pastime is dancing.
“Look at her sometimes: a light,
cheerful, just a girl-butterfly.
Extremely kind, open, she is able
to love, to give her warmth… So
sometimes I’m afraid for her, because not all
as sincerely treat her. But I
I will always be with my daughter, listen to,
support. And it’s not just a rant
— I was brought up from childhood. Against
eyes I have my father’s example which, though
and was always busy with work, but when
needed him, was ready
to talk, to discuss, to help,” said