Artem and Anna Mikhalkov became the heroes of the intellectual game

Артем и Анна Михалковы стали героями интеллектуальной игры
The President of the festival “Movement” and his sister remembered past.

Anna and Artem Mikhalkov

Photo: Gregory Bezenchuk

In the five years of the national festival of film debuts in
Omsk has a lot of traditions that exist only here. For example, after
the end of the competition screenings, when and program participants, and members of the jury can
breathe easy, the organizing Committee holds another warm-up for mind – the intellectual game “dum Dum”.

The rules of the game resemble a test where you need to choose
the correct answer of the five. All the questions are of course associated with the movie, with the history
festival and his party. So, the hero of one of the tasks was President of the “Movement”
Artem Mikhalkov. The players were invited to recall (or guess) what kind of language
he studied in the program of Dmitry Petrov on TV channel “Culture”. The correct answer is
Italian – gave a command.

Characters from some issues I personally attended the game.
Members of the team, played the Chairman of the jury Alexei Popogrebsky,
of course, the correct answer to the question: “In the film what the Director’s actors on
shooting were shooting each other with real bullets?” After all, it was about the picture
“How I ended this summer”, when the hero of Sergei Puskepalis (actor came in
Omsk festival) was forced to shoot in the direction of Gregory Dobrygin a gun battle, because at that time ended blank ammunition, and shooting
the band was at that time far from the mainland.

Anna Mikhalkova also had its moment of glory when
asked about the actress, which may be equally on the set to get along with
animals and children – which is considered the most difficult in the movie. Many have decided that
is Yana Troyanova. But the answer lay on the surface! After all, Anna Mikhalkova was at this point in Omsk, and also
participated in the game, and in mind there were, of course, the transfer of “Peaceful
night, kids!” with her.

The team together with Anna Mikhalkova played many stars, including
Victoria Tolstoganova and Kristina Babushkina, called “Survivors”. For a long time
they were in the lead. But the victory – and, with a big margin in the end – got
the team, consisting of film critics, they were saved by knowledge of history
the world cinema.