Arseny Shulgin spends holidays with sweetheart

Арсений Шульгин проводит праздники с возлюбленной It seems that family conflict behind. Arseny Shulgin demonstrates a harmonious relationship with his beloved Anna at his page in the social network. Previously she congratulated the mother of a young boy Valerie happy birthday.

      Арсений Шульгин проводит праздники с возлюбленной

      Arseny Shulgin, like most Russians, spends holidays, relaxing in the company of friends and loved ones. While star parents of the young man sunbathing at the seaside, he enjoys the spring in Moscow. 17-year-old son of singer Valeria from his first marriage remained in the capital along with his girlfriend Anna Sheridan. The young man is already a few months Dating a model and student of economic faculty, which is three years older boyfriend.

      Arseniy publish in his microblog pictures with Anna, which show that between two people there is complete harmony. Geolocation of photos – popular among the capital’s youth, for example, Stoleshnikov pereulok, as well as the Central Park of culture and rest named after Gorky.

      Joseph Prigogine about the departure of the son from the house: “He’s a big boy, is his conscious act”

      It seems that family conflict Shulgin and his parents behind. The family took Anna to Sheridan, which in turn recently has congratulated Valery happy birthday via the social network.

      We will remind, in the beginning of the year it became known that Arsenius abandoned music College and left home for 21-year-old sweetheart. At that time the young man for several months lived with the family. However, common sense and life circumstances have forced Shulgin to return to the fold.

      “Arseny realized that I cannot continue, moreover, he makes no money, – told the “StarHit” friends of the family. – Yes, and parents mean a lot to him, anyway. The reconciliation between him, Valery and Joseph happened. He came back home. However, in the College of music has not yet recovered, went to secondary school. But Valeria hopes that in the future he will continue to make music. With Anya he continues to see, but much less frequently”.

      Parents were very worried because of the behaviour of the son, but were forced to come to terms with his actions. They showed wisdom and allowed the son to make his own choices. “Arseny is a big boy and entitled to make conscious actions, – has commented then a family conflict Joseph Prigozhin. – The guy is tired of music, found myself a new hobby. Unfortunately, all the troubles in this world from women. They can make us both very happy and unhappy and poor. However, there is no tragedy in this situation we do not see. Let him rest. Although the boy is a genius, really talented. Valeria takes the situation philosophically”.

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