Around the world: why the stars demonstrate the operation and procedures

Всему свету: почему звезды демонстрируют интимные операции и процедуры “StarHit” gathered heroes who are happy to share details of visits to the doctor. They can boast of the absence of complexes, enviable patience the ability to favorably present yourself. Actresses, TV presenters, members of the reality show decided to go to a beautician chair and surgical table in front of the entire country.

      Всему свету: почему звезды демонстрируют интимные операции и процедуры

      Shooting childbirth, surgery, cosmetic treatments – at the end of the last century it would seem incredible fiction. But time passes, and changing mores. Today, such videos online – the key to popularity and demand.

      Svetlana Anokhina-Dolmatova

      Socialite, designer and stylist Svetlana Anokhina – the last of those who surprised Russians their attitude to give birth live. It would seem, what could be more intrinsic mystery of the baby? But no, the ex-wife of rapper Guf, and now the wife of surfer Dmitry Anokhin, presented a surprise to his fans. The pair agreed to admit to the Holy of holies one of the TV channels, to film the birth of a child.

      Всему свету: почему звезды демонстрируют интимные операции и процедуры

      On the morning of 3 October, a young mother went to the center “Mother and child”, where a few years ago appeared her first son Sam. Anokhin to the last planned to give birth, but after several hours the doctors decided to do a C-section. And around 20:00 Dmitry and Svetlana are the parents of a boy weighing 3560 grams and growth of 53 centimetres. New Pope has not left a spouse for a minute, afraid to miss the most important moment in the life of the son. After all, Dmitry’s first child.

      ISA Anokhina decided to give birth live

      By the way, young parents only a year ago were married in the Church of Las Vegas, the ISA immediately reported to your blog page. To an act Internet-diva fans have reacted in different ways: someone says that good, like, shared the most, and the other blames the girl for getting put on public display a personal matter that should not advertise. Visit the girls flaunt a photo with discharge from the hospital, and also a photo of Sam, who fondly hugs the younger brother. The young parents gave their kid an unusual name – Elvis.

      Dana Borisova

      Всему свету: почему звезды демонстрируют интимные операции и процедуры

      Usually girls who resort to plastic surgery to improve the appearance of the data or return of youth, vehemently deny the fact surgery. However, Dana Borisova not one of them. The presenter, who is in search of his personal happiness, in recent times, thinks that in war all means are good: Given you get rid of excess weight with the help of hormonal therapy and increased several sizes chest by telling about it publicly. Found as supporters of its drastic measures, and opponents. But it helped the media personality in the literal sense of the word to marry again. However, the marriage did not last long. Due to This race for a perfect figure and youth, many believe that the lead had already done plastic surgery. Borisov denies the speculation, saying only uses injections of Botox and hyaluronic acid. And besides, every couple of years a little corrects the silhouette of the lips.

      Celebrity says that any surgeon will prove the veracity of her words. Apparently as a sign of her “innocence” Dana Borisova has uploaded the video as her character doctor injected Botox in the forehead area and relieves it from wrinkles around the eyes. By the way, the presenter says that he will use the achievements of plastic surgery, as it will fight for its beauty to the last, really, years 50-55.

      Egor Holyavin

      Всему свету: почему звезды демонстрируют интимные операции и процедуры

      Former participant reality show “House-2” Egor Holyavin – a bright representative of those who for the sake of beauty is ready for anything. The project participant has decided to show everyone that if you are not satisfied with something in yourself then you can change everything. Arriving at the project, Egor weighed about 130 kilograms and the height is 187 centimeters. For a long time, the girls admitted the guy interesting as a person, but as a man is not attractive due to the extra weight. And so the hero decided to take matters into their own hands. To start in 8 months he got rid of 40 pounds. Then, stepping off the project, set out to make the face more refined.

      In the social networks of young men appeared before and after removal of bisha lumps of fat on the face. Fans of the young man responded differently to changes in Egor. Undoubtedly, his cheekbones have become more expressive – believe ones. But many of those who are of the opinion that a man should remain a man, and a feminine guy is not to face.

      Egor Holyavin horrified by the methods of transformation

      Then Egor has posted a video in which he enhance lips. After that, opponents of unnatural female beauty guy became even more. In one of the posts Halavin admits that will not stop and that, they say, is preparing for the next operation.

      Gleb Zhemchugov

      Всему свету: почему звезды демонстрируют интимные операции и процедуры

      Another member of the “eternal telestroke” Gleb Zhemchugov decided on a radical change in their appearance. The man tried to get rid of excess weight, specifically between the folds on the stomach and sides, go in for sports, but noticeable results it brought. After consulting with Rustam Solntsev, former domovem, Hleb went over to a plastic surgeon. The verdict: liposuction!

      According to the doctor, figure of Gleb will not change on their own. And all because the Pearls had a poor diet, and time lost. Make washboard abs, you will have to remove the excess fat through surgery under General anesthesia in several stages. In September Gleb posted a video where he is in the house preparing for surgical intervention and symbolic goodbye to his belly, saying that we were long together, but it’s time to leave.

      Two weeks later on the page Zhemchugova reappeared photos from the reception of the plastic surgeon. It project participants warmly thanked the master for getting rid of six kilograms and admitted that after a month of him waiting for the procedure of abdominoplasty modeling of the belly and the press. After surgery Zhemchugova have to wear shapewear, exercise to again return to its former state. Followers criticized the decision of Hleb and advised less lazy and work in the gym to sweat.

      Evelina Bledans

      Всему свету: почему звезды демонстрируют интимные операции и процедуры

      Actress and TV presenter is well groomed like no other. Still, Evelina married to Alexander Semin, who is younger than 47-year-old actress for 13 years, and in 2012 she again became a mother. Bledans never hid the fact that 35 years, making regular injections for facial rejuvenation because of the active nature of the forehead. But I noticed that he tries not to overdo it so as not to look like a doll, as many colleagues on shop.

      Recently, the actress visited the clinic in Paris, where she without surgical intervention made the legs more slender – with a low temperature. The same experts acknowledged that the shape of the face of the actress requires no special procedures. So while Evelina costs non-surgical facelift. In the web you can see a video where the presenter tells the fans about a new way to keep a person young and fit.

      “I always thought that the facelift is an operation with a scalpel, anesthesia, bruises and scars. And that thought was scary. My energetic beautician suggested me popular in Europe for non-surgical facelift, the effect of which lasts for three years.”

      The actress does not pay attention to critical reviews of his exploits for rejuvenation and believes that a woman should look like at any age with dignity. And after 55 does not exclude that resort to plastic surgery.


      Всему свету: почему звезды демонстрируют интимные операции и процедуры

      Watching the happiness of the young in the project “let’s get married!”, TV presenter rose Sabitova decided to arrange its personal happiness and married. However, family life did not last long, and rose went with her husband. Apparently, these events prompted the main matchmaker of the country for a more drastic change in life: Sabitova decided to lose weight and has done some plastic surgery. Viewers and environment leading just didn’t know rejuvenated for 20 years Rose. However, starting once, now TV presenter has learned the truth can not run itself!

      This was a phrase that she tells her friends and participating in the program “let’s get married!”. Now Sabitova regular visits to the clinic and undergoing various treatments. One of the latest bioreinforcement – non-surgical facelift, which rose said in the video. Presenter admits that sitting in a chair, his doctor and friend, part-time, she’s not interested in that take, but just asking to make her beautiful. Rose Sabitova did a facelift

      “This is an essential procedure for women between thirty-five and older, – says the doctor-cosmetologist Olga Moroz. – Skin turgor increases, refreshed complexion, the oval becomes a clear, deep wrinkles are significantly reduced, fine lines are smoothed out completely, the face is fresh, young and healthy. This is done with the help of hyaluronic acid that are injected into the skin microneedles in a special way, using special equipment”.

      After the procedure, leading a few days had to mask with makeup bruises on his face. However, rose agree that the beauty demands victims.


      Всему свету: почему звезды демонстрируют интимные операции и процедуры

      In the ranks of the eternally youthful star – the icon of Soviet and Russian television, the 74-year-old presenter angelina Vovk. She admitted she always tries to follow the example of a mom leads a healthy lifestyle and eats right. Your day angelina M. begins with Flaxseed cereal, be sure to drink two litres of fluid a day. And rejuvenate the skin began, as soon as the first cosmetics. In 30 years the wolf had to undergo surgery to remove a hernia under the eyes: should angelina Mikhailovna drink at night in the morning, she woke up with huge bags under my eyes. Moreover, with age, she realized, no matter how much you mask of curd, at one point they stop to help – time is ruthless to all.

      Leading now admits that, despite her 74 years, she feels the 20-year-old girl, it does not consider it appropriate to hide your age. Moreover, she has someone to lead by example: the actress and TV presenter older two granddaughters – 14-year-old angelina and 12-year-old Anna.

      Recently, Vovk decided on non-surgical firming, contouring, and Botox injections. The TV presenter was allowed to remove facial rejuvenation in the video. Waiting for her ultrasound lifting with anesthesia, the procedure Fractora, which helps to get rid of wrinkles and sagging skin. After several visits to the clinic angelina M. looked fresh and rejuvenated for a few years. What exactly is not ready, the presenter, is to go under the surgeon’s knife – and all because of a bad experience when she had surgery.

      Singer Natalie

      Всему свету: почему звезды демонстрируют интимные операции и процедуры

      Nikolay Baskov on his colleague Zahi singer Natalie likes to joke that her youth frozen in the chamber. Maybe he’s not alone in holding this opinion, because even though the singer looks young and the passport of the mother of two children knocked in 42 years. Agree, very few people can boast of natural youth, enters the fifth decade. Probably, the singer got lucky with the genes. But she herself is making efforts to always be on top: for several years, Natalie doesn’t eat meat. Fish – Yes, loves seafood, but to try to have small portions. Natalie early to rise: a young mother falls in the morning to take youngest son to kindergarten Fraction. The artist is happy with his regime, says he has always been a “lark.”

      Recently, the Network got pictures on which the face of the singer from bottom fit with an elastic bandage. Natalie reassured fans: this is not the work of dentist, and the struggle for beauty – such manipulation is necessary after implantation of masonite, in other words after contouring. We are not talking about the operation. By means of long needles under the skin implanted threads which support the shape of the face, like a frame, for nine months. And then Natalie did a session of injections of hyaluronic acid – to moisturize the skin from within.

      Galina Danilova

      Всему свету: почему звезды демонстрируют интимные операции и процедуры

      A brilliant comic actress Galina Danilova in the sketch Comedy show “6 shots”. And like every woman, her 47 years old want to remain attractive for myself and for friends, and for Directors to be in demand. Galina not to dare to talk about their changes in the name of beauty, she became the heroine of the program “10 years younger!”, where he confessed about his complexes, about how upsetting her own appearance, every time she looks in the mirror.

      The creators of the program worked with the actress in the air for 10 days. The first stage was circular facelift Galina and inserting breast implants. The transformation has been tough on her. At the time of the first bandaging Daniel complained to the doctor that she found it difficult to tolerate such pain. However, in the final result so stunned character that she, uttering words of gratitude, wept with joy and called the team the wizards.

      Christina Deryabina

      Всему свету: почему звезды демонстрируют интимные операции и процедуры

      Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Christina Deryabina, which, like many residents of the perimeter, lay on the surgical table under the gun cameras. Your change of character began with mammoplasty. The girl then said that she wants to be, as well as other project participants, Busty and attractive. Christina gave preference to the doctor, who increased breast Darya Pynzar – that she advised the girl specialist and hospital, spoke about good service.

      Participant of “House-2” Christina Deryabina had plastic surgery

      First, the doctor tried to dissuade Deryabin from the surgery, but she insisted. “StarHit” published exclusive video that details the whole procedure from preparation to rehabilitation of the patient. Instead of the desired third dimension, the doctor persuaded Christine to 2.5. But because of the scoliosis girl for a perfect result, one of the implants was chosen to be 2.75. The operation itself took about 40 minutes – a sight, I must say, not for the faint of heart. But soon satisfied with the result of Kristina went to the Seychelles to sunbathe Topless. It was after major changes in the exterior of the relationships with the guys “House-2” the heroine has improved. After a while Christina had adjusted the lips, which is appreciated by the young people of the project.

      Katya Gordon

      Всему свету: почему звезды демонстрируют интимные операции и процедуры

      The ex-wife of Alexander Gordon, writer, presenter, composer Catherine Gordon was no exception and improved their health live. However, this procedure is a necessary measure. The girl made eye surgery, which dropped her to -4. The writer confesses that for a long time used lenses, which gave her a lot of discomfort, and to the last hoped that the vision will be restored; that she was convinced at the time, experts say, bear, and everything will fall into place. But, alas.

      Three years, Kate has chosen, evaluated the professionalism of the experts and opted for one of the Moscow clinics. The whole procedure was broadcast on the Periscope. The fans have supported Gordon, until she had a “choice” – a procedure to restore vision by using a femtosecond laser. Rehabilitation after the correction lasted only one day, during which she was forbidden to visit the sauna, drink alcohol, should avoid physical exertion. Fortunately, everything was perfect, and Kate is glad that now he sees everything and can independently drive the car.

      Larissa Kopenkina

      Всему свету: почему звезды демонстрируют интимные операции и процедуры

      Shocking businesswoman, whose name became known after the novel with participant season 6 “American idol” Prokhor Chaliapin, have not hesitate to tell and show your feats of rejuvenation. It and is clear – the relationship of Larissa with men who are much younger than her, just need to keep yourself in shape and stay young forever.

      On account Kopenkina procedures such as breast lift and change the shape of the eyes, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty. In 2014 after a rejuvenation in the eye area leading Dana Borisova chronicled the rehabilitation of Larissa. Recently kopenkina page in the social network there are new videos from the clinic, “youth and beauty”, where the woman had laser hair removal, RF face lift and PRP.

      Followers of Larissa immediately began to ask, what kind of drug she had been injected somewhere, please share the experience. In short, for fans of character – a true role model.

      Elena Shamova, psychologist, psychologist-sexologist, family therapist, child, perinatal psychologist:

      – Shooting of plastic surgery, childbirth and other surgical procedures from the current stars have become common commonplace. Why make such a video, and then upload them for viewing – solves every man for himself. As a rule, the stars share their heroic experiences with the audience, thus showing that there is nothing wrong or difficult in this procedure do not see. In addition, for example, when it comes to delivery, demonstrating how much they are willing to share happiness with fans.

      Another option is the possible usefulness of such video. So they are trying to help others become more informed in the fact that it represents an operation or childbirth. As you know, young people today prefer to believe the information obtained on the Internet than in books or from specialists.

      It is impossible to exclude and a variant of PR, when in this way the stars draw attention to his person. Such filming and broadcasting them in the world wide web can be nothing short of an act of narcissism and an attempt to “smooth” your inner Narcissus, to win and stun the audience in any way. It is no secret that many representatives of show business frankly this sin. Shock – it has always been our way, and the best way to attract viewers and increase ranking is to make a “spectacle” and share it.

      Also such actions could be interpreted as a desire to obtain moral support from the audience, which occurs through likes and comments.