Around the foster daughter of Angelina Jolie brewing scandal

Вокруг приемной дочки Анджелины Джоли назревает скандал
The native girl’s mother yearns to reestablish contact with her daughter.

Вокруг приемной дочки Анджелины Джоли назревает скандал

Angelina Jolie and Zahara

Mentewab Presses, Lebiso

Children of Angelina Jolie undergoing a difficult
divorce with brad pitt, was once again the center of attention
press. However, this time we are not talking about Maddox, from-for quarrels with which
father allegedly collapsed relationship
Pitt and Jolie, and a foster daughter male. The fact that recently made itself
know a mother of a girl who demands to be allowed to communicate with her
child. It cannot, however, obtain permission from Jolie at least once
look at my daughter… this was reported edition

The history of the adoption of Zahara, who recently turned 12 years old, was
quite complex. In 2005, the year Angelina found 6-month-old baby in one
from orphanages of Ethiopia. The girl was extremely malnourished and very ill — she was
pneumonia. The shelter workers had hoped that the baby would survive. But Jolie,
which announced at the time of adoption that the girl’s mother died of AIDS, decided
take a chance and took the child in the United States. In the end, she managed to get Zahara —
of course, not without the help of doctors. But some time later it turned out that
Zahara’s mother is alive.

Mentewab Presses, Lebiso — that’s the mother
girl told a harrowing story about how her baby was conceived
the attack on her, unknown to her men. Shame on perfect
her violence and her pregnancy, Mentewab was hiding in another village of the tribesmen. There she
gave birth to the male, but soon realized that she couldn’t feed the baby. Milk it
almost no, as well, and money, and the girl was born very weak. Then she
threw a child to his mother, hoping that somewhere to settle down
child. And if not — she, at least, won’t see baby
dying… In the end, the grandmother of Zahara gave her in an orphanage, declaring it an orphan.

Knowing that her child was adopted
overseas celebrity, Mentewab was just happy. But time passed, and she
beginning to yearn for a daughter. All her numerous attempts to reach Jolie
permission to meet with Zacharay ended
failure. The woman then decided to go to angelina in the press. “I just
just want Zahara knew I was alive. I’m not going to pick up my daughter,
want to see her and talk to her… am I asking too much?” —
perplexed, desperate Mentewab…