Aronov, politseymako and Shakur staged a riot before the show

Аронова, Полицеймако и Шакуров устроили бунт перед спектаклем Artists protested the fact that they have not paid. Maria Aronova turned to the audience and explained why the concert was postponed. After the actors gave the required amount, they came on the scene.

April 2 residents of Surgut came to the local theatre to enjoy a performance featuring such famous artists as Maria Aronova, Michael politseymako, Sergey Shakurov and others. Fans get ready to relax and get pleasure from the “Little comedies” put on motives of products of Chekhov’s “the Bear” and “Proposal”. Judging by the posters on the stage should have been dominated by an atmosphere of celebration, but it all started not so happy. Spectators waiting for the beginning of the play about half an hour. Then the people went out actress Maria Aronova, which explained what caused the delay. It turned out that the artists have not received the promised fee from the organizers.

“The second bell rings, when you give artists money on hand. We have to go out and lie about technical problems. We’re degrading yourself, you are fully ready. I’m okay, politseymako, but before you sits a middle-aged Sergei Shakurov. When you see the name of this lady [the organizer], you think, to go to the show or not. Only now I Director said that the money came from,” said from the stage artist.

Aronov admitted that for her, every publication is a difficult test. The honored artist of Russia painted performances a year ahead of her in the Studio, come to see thousands of fans. However, Maria tries to devote more time to their beloved children and husband, whom she married after 20 years of civil marriage, but the actress strives to provide a comfortable life for heirs. Maria Aronova thinking about ending acting career

The audience supported the actors, to whom the organizers have not fulfilled the promise. Later in the conversation with the TV channel Ren TV Maria Aronova said that inspired her to go on stage before the performance and report the real situation.

“Explained to the viewers why the delay, we somehow had to defend themselves, asked for help. Brought the money with great delay. Violated the agreement – said the actress. – Absolutely fantastic people, living in Surgut, which we bow down to, because they have understood neither the ticket is not passed, no one from the audience is gone… So we are grateful to the audience for what protect us they are — their attitude and their nechodom, not surrender tickets… Fantastic people, what to say!”