Arnold Schwarzenegger would like to participate in the presidential race

Арнольд Шварценеггер хотел бы поучаствовать в президентской гонке

Hollywood actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger sincerely jealous of the candidates for President of the United States of America Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump< /strong>. He also would love to participate in it, but the problem was that under us law he cannot run for the presidency, because he was not born in America. About their unsatisfied ambitions Arnold said in an interview with Adweek.

69-year-old native of Austria believes that this presidential race, he would have a good chance, and it is possible that cushy job after leaving Barack Obama got him.
“If I was born in America, I would have participated in the presidential race. It would be the perfect time to join the race, but under the Constitution only a person born in the U.S. can be President,” says Arnold.
On 8 October on his page in the social network Schwarzenegger spoke out against the Republican candidate Donald trump, although he admitted that if had the chance, ran on behalf of this political force.
“For the first time since I became a US citizen since 1983, I will not vote for a Republican. I was proud of the Republican party when I first came to America in 1968 and heard the words of Nixon that the government should be supporting citizens, free trade and strong country, having the opportunity to defend the freedom of a strong army. I am proud to consider myself a Republican, but above all this, is that I consider myself an American. I want to remind the candidate of the Republican party that you can not put the party’s interests above the interests of the country, it is your duty to put the country at the head of the interests,” said Arnold.