Арнольд Шварценеггер перенес сложную операцию на сердце
The actor likened his hero.

Arnold Schwarzenegger


As it became known, 70-year-old
Arnold Schwarzenegger had to undergo surgeries. It was conducted
surgeons Cedar-Sinai, one of the best clinic in Los Angeles. This was announced
press agent actor Daniel Ketchell. He made a statement, which explained
why Arnold needed the help of surgeons.

“Arnold Schwarzenegger did
yesterday the operation to replace one of the heart valves. This valve was
installed surgeons in the heart of Arnold in 1997, and it was necessary
to replace, because he is “worn out”. According to the plan, Schwarzenegger had to put
minimally “invasive” procedure with introduced Kaletra. However,
the procedure failed and there were complications. So he urgently started to do
“operation open heart”. It was rather difficult and lasted
a few hours, but ended well. Currently Arnold
takes place in the hospital through the recovery period…” — said Ketchell.

As told the representative of the actor,
barely having recovered from the anesthetic, the actor showed that he is not lost
a sense of humor. Opening his eyes, he said: “I am back!”, that is, “I’m back!” to paraphrase the famous:
“I’ll be back!” — your famous hero of the Terminator.

Incidentally, detractors
the actor had previously said that problems with the heart Schwarzenegger were associated with
the fact that in his youth, when he was a bodybuilder, Arnold, allegedly, used
steroids. But the actor swears that the defect of a heart valve he — congenital. Moreover, as told
Schwarzenegger, from such problems suffered and his mother, which also
had to undergo surgery to replace the valve.

as for the actor, this year, as previously stated, he again
will play his famous character. The shooting of the new movie, which is conditional
the name “Terminator 6”, scheduled to begin in June.