Arnold Schwarzenegger said the group of Thai tourists who did not recognise him as a star

Арнольд Шварценеггер ответил группе тайских туристов, которые не признали в нем звезду

Millions of people across the planet dream to get a picture together with a celebrity. For the fulfillment of this dream they are ready to overcome hundreds of kilometers, to stand in line to endure the crush of the crowd, etc. But to believe that just walking around Paris, you can meet the star. However, recently it happened with Thai tourists. But they are not immediately aware of his happiness, and initially took the Iron Arnie for snapper, which prevents them to take pictures.

According to one of the tourists, at first they didn’t recognize Schwarzenegger, but their guide orientate themselves in the situation and started shouting “Arnold! Arnold!”. However, by the time the actor went too far to hear the screams.

“Fantastic bike ride through Paris. To appreciate the city, it is necessary to ride through its streets on a bike. Thanks to the tourists at the Eiffel tower for allowing me to ruin their photo!” — wrote 69-year-old Arnold in Instagram.

The only advice that I can give you Thai tourists to be careful at first to see the face of the person who gives them any inconvenience.