Arnold Schwarzenegger hinted to work with Cameron on a new “Terminator”

Арнольд Шварценеггер намекнул на работу с Кэмероном над новым «Терминатором»

Wide popularity came to Arnold Schwarzenegger after the filming of the movie James Cameron’s “the Terminator”. Since then, the actor was associated mainly with the character they played. Despite the large number of roles in movies, Arnold did not manage to get rid of the “Terminator”. Is it worth it? The franchise has brought to its participants and creators of a lot of money. “So why not try again?” thought the authors decided to make a new film.

The Schwarzenegger hinted that it may again become a Terminator, and even discusses this possibility with Cameron.

“I look forward to working on the new “Terminator”. Don’t wanna call it fake news, as it likes our President, but only from the fact that Paramount doesn’t want to do the film, it does not mean that the franchise is done. There are 15 studios who want. The people who write the script, just will negotiate with other studios, but I can not name yet. They’ll tell you everything. I can confirm that the franchise alive,” said the actor in an interview with Fandango.

The sequel will shoot, most likely when Paramount is going to lose it right. It will happen in 2019.
Recall the last film in the franchise – “Terminator: Genesis” was released in 2015.