Arnold Schwarzenegger for the first time in a month was able to leave the house

Арнольд Шварценеггер в первый раз за месяц смог выйти из дома
The actor is happy that it has ceased to be a “prisoner”.

Arnold Schwarzenegger


Arnold Schwarzenegger has pleased his many fans.
He said that finally, a month later after the surgery, he
returns to normal. “Congratulate me! I am no longer a prisoner in
own home! How nice to finally get “freedom”… I first
I could leave home after the surgery!” — posted by Arnold on his page with
the social network. “Today, I ate at my favorite restaurant in Santa Monica — R+D Kitchen. It’s so great!” — admitted
Schwarzenegger, which gradually returns the ability to enjoy

Still quite
he recently admitted: although since they moved the surgical
intervention it has been quite a lot of time, good health
to call as it was. It became clear that to get to work on the set
the site of the next film in the terminator, which was to begin on the preliminary plan in June,
the planned terms he will not be able to. All the other members of the franchise will have
him to wait. We are talking, primarily, about fellow actors, among which will again be Linda Hamilton,
which again will play Sarah Connor, the mother
the main fighter against the machines — John Connor.

Recall that in late March, Arnold underwent a complicated hours-long
an operation to replace a heart valve. Was initially scheduled to make her
“laparoscopiceski”, however, during the implementation of the plan, any
complications, and the surgeons had in the emergency mode to start the operation ”
open heart”. Arnold learned about what happened, only recovering
after anesthesia. “I opened my eyes and expected to see a tiny scar, and
found a huge! But, you know what? The main feeling that I felt
this is a huge appreciation to all the doctors, nurses… Because I
back!” said Arnold, Recalling the famous phrase of his hero
Terminator: “I’ll be back!”