Арнольд Шварценеггер завершает актерскую деятельность

Арнольд Шварценеггер завершает актерскую деятельность

72-year-old Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger stated that most likely his acting career to end. Think he was pushed by the failure of the last part of the Terminator, in which he played a major role.

The actor really took seriously the information that the film “Terminator: Dark destiny” was defeated in theaters. The first two parts of this franchise will definitely become hits, so many Hollywood producers wanted to make a continuation and a well to cash in on the terminator. In the end, at the moment there are six films, however, the seventh obviously the audience can not see.

Third, fourth and fifth part of the franchise was filmed by different producers and brought them with a small income. Sixth part of the shoot took James Cameron, he worked on the first two paintings. He had a clear conviction that the sixth part will become a cult and gaining much popularity among the audience. He even hoped to shoot one movie but a whole trilogy, because help came a great Director Tim Miller (he gave the world Deadpool). In addition, Cameron managed to persuade Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton back on the set of Terminator. James did everything to make the film was successful, he even introduced in his film the theme of feminism, which is now so popular in Hollywood and all the major roles have been filled with exactly Linda.

All Cameron’s efforts were in vain, because the film in theaters for a month we collected a total of 250 million dollars. According to estimates on the shooting has left 180 million, and of course 50 million was spent on advertising. Therefore, the film is not just failed, but became a real disaster for the producer. Studio, shooting the picture is only 50% of the rental, other 50% go the cinema, so the damage could calculate any person.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was very depressed after learning this information, he thought for a long time why it happened and came to one conclusion. The current generation does not know the Terminator, for them it is not relevant, on top of that fifth part was the worst from all series, so the younger generation didn’t do the sixth film in the cinema. Of course Arnold and Linda are unable to catch their acting younger generation. This reason prompted the man thinking that it’s time to stop acting and devote yourself to other areas of life and interests from celebrity very much.

We are sure that those people who are a little over thirty, gonna miss this great actor.

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