Арнольд Шварценеггер празднует дни рождения сыновей на Октоберфесте

Yesterday in Munich began with a large and noisy festival, the Oktoberfest, a tradition taken to try delicious beer. Visit his rushed thousands of tourists and Arnold Schwarzenegger! At the festival he is not the first year traditionally celebrates the birthdays of their sons.

The first day of the festival was dedicated to his son Patrick, who earlier in the week was 25. The Beers were only raised for him. Despite the recent emergency heart surgery, Arnold was in high spirits. He sported a traditional Bavarian costume, conducted the orchestra and took pictures with old friends. The actor with pleasure were photographed with Heather Milligan and other guests.

By the way, Heather Arnold meets for five years, what skeptical opponents a big difference in age. Blonde less Arnold for 27 years!

We will remind that earlier official representative of Arnold Schwarzenegger Daniel Ketchell comments, “CNN” reported about the emergency surgery that had to endure American actor and former Governor of California.

The actor underwent a complicated operation to transplant the valve of the pulmonary artery, which is responsible for the regulation of the flow of venous blood from the right ventricle to the lungs. Spokesman Schwarzenegger said that the operation was successful and the actor feels well. His condition is stable, and when he came out of anesthesia, then said, “I’m back”, making a reference to the famous phrase from the movie “the Terminator”, for which he became famous.

As reported by TMZ, the 70-year-old actor was hospitalized in Cedar Sinai hospital in Los Angeles for the valve replacement catheter. During the procedure, complications arose, and to avoid death, the doctors decided to do emergency open-heart surgery. It lasted a few hours.

Note that this was not the first open-heart surgery, which survived a famous actor. In 50 years, he has done such a procedure. In 1997, the doctors replaced the actor a defective aortic valve. Then need for emergency surgical intervention was not, but the actor still decided on surgery. As reported by Arnold, his heart problems are inherent and are not related to the use of steroids.