Armin van Buuren Elena is dreaming again become a mother

Елена Подкаминская мечтает снова стать мамой The actress admitted that she wants a big family. Now Elena Armin van Buuren a daughter Pauline. The artist is also thinking about re-marriage.

      Елена Подкаминская мечтает снова стать мамой

      Star of TV series “Kitchen” Elena Armin van Buuren has recently broke up with her husband Alexander Placeim. Married to a businessman, the actress had a daughter Pauline. Now Elena tries to regain the family fortune is to find a decent man and become a mother again.

      “Which of the women does not dream to give birth to a beautiful little boy who will grow into a real handsome man? – said Armin van Buuren. Polina would be happy. I myself am the only child of his parents, but always dreamed of a big family!”

      Apparently, after the divorce, Elena has revised her views on having children out of wedlock. The actress admits that earlier was considered unacceptable for the birth of a child in an open relationship, because a model with a family gathering for Elena are her parents. Now the actress is ready for a new novel and wants to meet a reliable life partner.

      “All the people open happiness. Happens with me it is a miracle or not, who knows… But I’d really like to say the words: “Hello, happiness!” – admitted Elena.

      I must say that Armin van Buuren now Elena all the time and effort committed to give five daughters Pauline. Despite the fact that many celebrities since childhood accustom their children to the attention of the public, Armin van Buuren is trying to keep her safe from the cameras of journalists. Besides, star of TV series “Kitchen” does not want her daughter leaned on the actress, because she wants the child for more stable operation.

      Despite the constant workload, Armin van Buuren still trying to be close with his successor. “While I want not to miss all the happy moments of her childhood. This summer, for example, want to go camping, to go to Seliger, sleep in tents, cook over a campfire, pick berries. When I was your age now Pauline, my parents and their friends as well rested “savages” of the sea, and it was an incredible miracle. Images that stay in memory for life,” said the actress in an interview with “7 days”.

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