Armie hammer sold Playboy classmates

Арми Хаммер продавал «Плейбой» одноклассникам

Actor armie hammer, star of the film “the man from U. N. To.L”, appeared on the air talk show “The Late Late Show” with Rob Delaney. In an interview former classmates told presenter James Korden about how making days in high school, selling.. adult magazines and lotion.

Арми Хаммер продавал «Плейбой» одноклассникам
“My wife will kill me for these revelations. First, we wanted to steal magazines “Playboy” and “Penthouse” from their parents and sell them along with lotions. Well, these small vials, which were handed out free in hotels and for private use..” — he began his story hammer.
“You planned to sell pornographic magazines with lotion classmates?” — asked the host.

“When you repeat it out loud, it sounds really worse, but in my head it wasn’t so bad. I was just an entrepreneur.
Our first buyer was a guy named Dan. I won’t say his name, everyone’s gonna know who I meant. After lunch, someone snitched to the principal about this and we were called on the carpet. The school administration wanted to check my locker, but I’m not stupid enough to hide the dirty magazines there. Rob and I hid them in the bushes near the school. When I opened the locker, the log was not there, but it was a package of lotions. “Why do you have so many lotions” they asked. “I have very dry skin,” replied I,” said Armey really laugh from the audience.
Recall that the previous week the army came to Moscow to present his new film “Shootout”. During the press conference, he said that his great-grandmother on the paternal side was Russian actress and singer Olga Vadina, which emigrated from the Soviet Union.