Армен Гаспарян: жена и дети

Armen Gasparyan Zumbatomic known as a journalist, radio host, author of numerous literary works. Most of his life he devoted to his projects for the prosperity and strengthening of Patriotic spirit in our country. Personal life of Armen Gasparyan covered by a mysterious curtain, because all my free time journalist devotes professional activity.

		Армен Гаспарян: жена и дети

Photo: Armen Gasparyan

The beginning of the career of Armen Gasparyan

Participation in the creation of programs for radio Yunost and Mayak allowed to demonstrate to the journalist your knowledge in Russian science. His project, entitled “Great battles of the great war”, “the Last storm” earned him the coveted popularity. After in 2008, Armen Gasparyan starts to operate with the radio “Voice of Russia”. After that he published his famous “Theory of delusion”, in which the lead refutes the myths about important events in the history of the country. The names this project has brought Armenia’s victory in the Second festival of Russian-language radio stations.

		Армен Гаспарян: жена и дети

Professional growth of the journalist

After the closure in 2014 of radio “Voice of Russia” young journalist starts working in a new international radio station “Sputnik”. Since Sputnik belonged to the state enterprise, the anticipated coverage of topics related to the protection of the sovereignty of the country and its political regime. In 2014, Armen Gasparyan became the head of the MIA “Russia today”, he was instructed to open a radio station in Yerevan. During operation, the journalist met with Marat Safarov, and then together they start working on the transfer of “Navarros”. In 2015, Armen is awarded “For merits to the professional community”.

		Армен Гаспарян: жена и дети

A writer’s path

In 2006, the presenter begins to actively blogging about the features of the White movement in Russia. This marked the beginning of his writing. Most popular were his creations:

  • “The unknown pages of the great Patriotic war”. The work is based on the original documents against the falsification of history.
  • “Russia and Germany. Friends or foes?”. In the book, the author explores the relationship between States at the turn of the twentieth century
  • “Echo of war. An inconvenient truth”. Tells of the events are unknown to a large number of readers.
  • “Lie Rzeczpospolita”, tells the story of events in Poland

		Армен Гаспарян: жена и дети

Personal life of Armen Gasparyan: the wife and children

It is not known whether Arthur Gasparian wife or children. The journalist believes that the individual should belong to one person, so the audience he dedicates only to his professional activities. Many colleagues wonder why a promising and humble guy still didn’t met your soul mate. Either Arthur is able to expertly conceal information about his personal life. There are numerous sources that describes the invaluable work of this talented man, but none of them mentioned about the wife of Arthur Gasparyan or his children. The media often appears information about the drive, but the family says nothing. If Arthur prefers to hide personal information about myself, so from his point of view, this is correct. Perhaps he hasn’t met the one with whom could share my life with. Or the reason for the bachelor status is in the busy schedule of the presenter.

		Армен Гаспарян: жена и дети

At the moment Artur Gasparyan covers the events of professional life in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The journalist also shares in social networks their thoughts on various political topics, and has over 60,000 subscribers. Also Arthur is meeting with fans in which he lectures or presents their books.

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