Армен Джигарханян пожаловался на бессилие The scandal at the center of which was a people’s artist and his ex-wife Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya, again discussed in the Studio “Let them talk”. Ex-wife keeps trying to talk with Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, but as if the Director deliberately ignores her.
Армен Джигарханян пожаловался на бессилие

In the case of the violation of privacy Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya faces up to two years of imprisonment. The pianist continues to deny the accusations. On Wednesday, the ex-wife of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan once again became the heroine of the program “Let them talk”.

According to Vitalina, mater refuses to go out with her. Woman wants to meet and talk with the ex-spouse, but he’s not answering.

“We were informed that Armen Borisovich have not appeared in the theater, but his whereabouts are unknown. At least in Glukhovo did not confirm that it is there. And as I understand it. the neighbors on the Arbat, too. I think Armen Borisovich insulated, so that no one knew where he was and in what condition” – shared Vitalina with journalists before filming.
Армен Джигарханян пожаловался на бессилие

When Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya appeared in the Studio Dmitry Borisov asked her whether to contact my ex-husband. In order Vitalina was a valid Armen Borisovich, at which he contacted friends. But the pianist responded negatively to the question of the presenter. Neighbor Dzhigarkhanyan Anna, living in Glukhovo, said that he saw the master in March. “Come on dark “Lexus”, accompanied by women and men. Now it’s quiet and no one heard,” she shared. Vitalina suggested that Armen Borisovich could go to a sanatorium.

Director Yuri Sherling, buddy Dzhigarkhanyan, says that he deliberately misled people, vested interests. “He’s very worried. He lost a friend” – says a friend of the artist. According to Sherling, the mater health problems.

“I’m ready to say the next thing – Armen Borisovich feels bad. He said to me: “Son, I don’t have forces.” All. And the expression on his face was sad. And when he was with Vitalino, glowed with happiness,” shared a friend of the stars
Армен Джигарханян пожаловался на бессилие

At the same time, Director Veronica Abbasov, on the contrary, denies the information about the sudden disappearance Dzhigarkhanyan. According to her, people’s artist continues to work as before.

“Armen Borisovich Dzhigarkhanyan is always present at rehearsals at the theatre. Moreover, he attentively watching the performances on the small stage and decides what should be the program and repertoire. These discussions were in front of me. Is a General indicator, therefore, to say that he is insane and inappropriate… I’ve seen people who can’t even see out the end of the play. Armen Borisovich, by the way, is now preparing for a new role, this will most likely be “Moliere”, – said Abbasov.
Армен Джигарханян пожаловался на бессилие

In the program we were talking and prospective customers pursuit Vitalina. According to the pianist, the stakeholders specifically distanced it from Dzhigarkhanyan. Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya believes that selfish thoughts could be guided by so-called friends Armen Borisovich that financial help to theatre. There is a version that the building of cultural institutions want to give for the construction of a shopping and business center. Sherling said that he had a chance to chat with the person presented by the sponsor.

Ex-wife Dzhigarkhanyan requires to put his friends behind bars

“My phone rang. Asked not to speak with Armen Borisovich about Vitalina. I asked: “Who are you?” To which I said, “I am a sponsor of the theatre, buying decorations and doing design plays”. I understand about whom we are talking and playing a naive boy. On the question of whether or not the artist if he is, the man replied, “I do business Dzhigarkhanyan”, – said Yuri Ivanov.

Lawyer Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya Larisa Shirokova also told of a conversation with a mysterious person. “The same sponsor I met with him and talked for four hours. In principle, it would be good to meet again and finally to agree on how to end this story, disgusting at the root. My phone’s got,” said the lawyer. In addition, Shirokova said that twice tried to come to the theater, and to agree on the confrontation. “But the investigator refuses, citing the fact that Armen Borisovich feels bad. Although witness [Veronica Abbasova] says the opposite”, – said the representative of Vitalina.