Armani took in advertising a food blogger and dancer

Армани снял в рекламе фуд-блогера и танцовщика

The fashion house released a beautiful ad campaign, timed to coincide with the collection of glasses and frames Frames of Life. The main role in it played ordinary people: dancer, Miss Rodeo, filmmaker, food blogger and others.

The Giorgio Armani brand produces not only sexy outfits and spectacular accessories, but also sunglasses and eyewear. Especially for the release of the new collection was released advertising campaign telling the stories of five real people. Photographs made in black-and-white aesthetics, was very emotional, vital and stylish.

Heroes advertising campaign Frames of Life became a ballet dancer Damiano, a French food blogger Mimi, a designer from Istanbul, Kanner, Miss Rodeo Nicole and Austrian film Director Richard. Each of these characters tried on sunglasses and eyeglasses from the new collection.

The representatives of the brand Giorgio Armani is sure to the heroes of the stories glasses become indispensable, allowing you to see the world with my own eyes.

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