Аркадия Укупника жестко обругали девушки The artist was faced with the negativity in his address. Arkady Ukupnik remembered that fans were unhappy with his composition “you’ll never get married” and publicly insulted him at the meeting.
Аркадия Укупника жестко обругали девушки

In the 90-ies of the song, Arkady Ukupnik “you’ll never get married” sounded from almost every player. However, the artist recognizes that in addition to hit him the glory, he suffered from the negative side of women. It is known that many women dream about the wedding and the wedding dress, but Ukupnik this slogan demotivate men making offers of marriage. Ladies did not hide their discontent and expressed his artist.

“There were cases when men came to me and said, “Thank you! Your song served as the last argument to itself, not to get married!” But girls, on the contrary, I said, “Well, you’re a beast! How could you write such a thing?!” Most interesting is that even in a brochure Zhirinovsky stated that such composers as the son of their songs prevent to breed to our young people,” said Arkady.

By the way, the song was written much earlier, but waiting in the wings. The Son came to the poet Sergey Mudrov and brought the words to two songs. On a sheet of ink was written the text “I’m on you will never marry.”

“Here’s this song I decided to release the first, made her arrangements. But then I heard on television the speech of one of our singer. She sang about the same notes, which consisted of my song. I have just at the moment the crisis came, as I realized that we had almost coincided. I had your hit not to let six months, even though I considered this to be unfair. But then the song the artist is somehow lost from the ethers, and I finally began to fulfill his”, – explained the son of obshenii with journalists, “Source”.

The actor is now happily married to Natalie, they have a daughter Sofia. When he met her, he was still married to the first wife. Arkady Ukupnik admitted why left his wife

“We met once, spent a great day, but Natasha did not understand what I feel for her feelings. After all I was married. Literally three days later we met again at a party and then I realized that if now will pass, you will miss her, we will never meet again. That’s why I asked the phone number,” said Arkady.