Arkady Ukupnik revealed the truth about his reasons for leaving his ex-wives

Аркадий Укупник раскрыл правду о причинах расставания с бывшими женами The singer told about his exploits on the love front. For admit Arkady Ukupnik, the current wife Natalia, he did stole my best friend. Despite the levity in the past, now the man is completely happy with the chosen one.
Аркадий Укупник раскрыл правду о причинах расставания с бывшими женами

Arkady Ukupnik was married three times. From each wife he has a child, and now the man admits that in his youth he was capable of desperate deeds of love.

This Saturday, June 23 will see the premiere release of “Secret in-a-million”, the protagonist of which will be Arkady Ukupnik. Male candid about his personal life and remember how took current spouse have a best friend.

“I just didn’t have anything to do with it. I feel like I’ve covered everything,” – shared his emotions Ukupnik.

Man admits that he is incredibly happy with current wife Natalia. Moreover, Arkady believes it is his destiny, the very bride that he was looking for throughout life.

The man, however, admits that with two ex-wives he is not the perfect relationship. Moreover, due to conflicts with ex-lovers he can’t see my only grandchild.

“I have this character: I have long been saving up negative, and then just explode. Many of my friends manage to maintain good relationships with former wives, with all the children. However, this is not about me. Of course, at first I was hurt because of this,” said the man in the program.

Ukupnik will reveal not only the causes of divorce with two ex-wives, but also the factors because of which now he had little contact with Alla Pugacheva. According to the musician, before he is very close friends with the singer. Moreover, he even gave the bride for the second wife and introduced her to Donna. “She asked. Once asked that I have for the new girl,” recalled the artist.

In the Studio program comes third wife Natalia Ukupnik that will reveal previously unknown facts about the birth of their daughter Sophia. Will appear on the transmission and the eldest son of musician Gregory, who until recently lived with his mother in Germany.

The heir of the artist can tell us why he decided to return to Russia, and what the relationship is with a stellar father.

American football fans hope he will talk about personal experiences, but also will reveal your secret in a million. Despite the fact that the artist quite often gives a Frank interview in his biography there are still white spots of interest to fans.

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