Arkady Ukupnik has suffered from fraud

Аркадий Укупник пострадал от мошенника

The famous Russian composer and singer Arkady Ukupnik has suffered from fraud. In fact, he suffered not himself the son, and his wallet. Arkady paid worker, to make repairs at his country house downpayment, and it’s gone. Of course, no work n is not fulfilled as promised.

According to Arkady, a Vadim contracted to install the staircase in the house in Barvikha. The design was already ready, it remains only to mount it, but demanded a Deposit. Soon the phone fraud has been disconnected, and he wasn’t even there, disappearing and from 25 thousand rubles, and with the stair design. Ukupnik immediately addressed to militiamen with the statement for fraud.
We must pay tribute, the police worked perfectly and soon found the attacker. He returned the singer to the stairs, but it didn’t make sense – Arkady ordered the construction of the other masters. Now Vadim is waiting for the trial and punishment for the crime.
Recall that recently a victim of a Scam actress Nastassja Samburski, in which thieves stole a large sum of money, my grandma’s ring, remaining in her memory, and expensive watches.