Arkady Ukupnik blames himself for the death of his father

Аркадий Укупник винит себя в смерти отца The artist became the hero of the show, Lera Kudryavtseva, “the Secret to a million”, which openly spoke about the creative part, personal life. Arkady Ukupnik is still facing the care of the father, the Seeds of the Fomich and blames himself for not being able to save a close relative.
Аркадий Укупник винит себя в смерти отца

Arkady Ukupnik has come to pass “Secret” one million, to tell about the secret. At the time, the actor lost his father and mother. Arkady’s mother died from cancer. Father singer was not a bit later, a year later: semen Fomich died on the operating table. According to the actor added that a relative was in a good Metropolitan clinic on a commercial basis, but during the surgical intervention something went wrong. Time has passed, but Arkady still can’t get over the death of a dear person, and in the ensuing blame, first and foremost, yourself. Ukupnik wishes she showed the father of other professionals.

“I reproach myself, Yes. It comes at night sometimes,” said Arkady all over the country.
Аркадий Укупник винит себя в смерти отца

As told by the artist’s parents worked as teachers, so they often had no time for children, despite that Ukupnik very grateful to them.

“They were completely busy with their work, but I had wonderful parents. They have done everything for me,” said the artist.

Arkady has a sister Margaret who was younger than him by a year. At the age of 4 years she was diagnosed with congenital cataracts in both eyes. To 24 years Margarita is almost completely blind, and saw only dim light and blurred silhouettes. Ukupnik put a lot of effort to find the Professor who held his sister’s surgery and restored sight. 20 years later the son brought the Margarita to Moscow and bought her an apartment in Krylatskoye. Margaret, in turn, has never concealed: for her brother’s expensive square meters, moreover, the woman believes Arcadia is his guardian angel.

“Brought me to the apartment, ready furnished, gave the keys, said: “Live from Moscow”!” with a smile he remembered Margarita Ukupnik.

Margaret lives alone in a family she never got. The woman followed in the footsteps of parents and works as a teacher.

In addition, Arkady remembered about the relationship with Alla Pugacheva, which recently stopped communicating. As it turned out, the Diva made an enormous contribution to his formation as an artist. In due time Alla Borisovna listened to recordings of American football and became interested and later was invited to speak on “Christmas meetings”. That was the cause of his quarrel with the Diva, singer did not tell, he only said that they never fought. Arkady Ukupnik revealed the truth about his reasons for leaving his ex-wives