Аркадий Инин встретился с братом после 40 лет разлуки The actor and screenwriter recently celebrated 80th birthday. Arkady Yining went to see a relative in a live TV show “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1”. The writer was sincerely touched by the sudden appearance of a close person in the Studio.
Аркадий Инин встретился с братом после 40 лет разлуки

One man band Arkady Inin, the Creator of the programs “Around the laughter” and “heartily” as well as several dozen books and screenplays, celebrated the anniversary on may 3. The writer turned 80 years old. Figure literature celebrated an important date in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1”. In the Studio gathered relatives and friends of Arkady Yakovlevich, and colleagues recorded his video message with warm wishes.

Due to the fact that Ininu forbade entrance on the territory of Ukraine, he separated from their loved ones. “Worried, of course. I lived for 30 years in Odessa. Well, as I can receive it? Of course, with the pain,” – said the hero of the program. One of his relatives Arkady Yakovlevich had not seen for almost 40 years. Cousin Michael stars lyubinskiy lives in the city of Vinnitsa.

“In my childhood, we called him Alik. I live in Vinnytsia for more than half my life, my home city – Kharkov. The third of may, we always met Alik at home, because his mother was a wonder technology of those times – a gramophone with records. We graduated from the same school. At the Institute he was always drawn to creativity – he participated in dreamcollector, played in KVN, wrote sketches, by himself and in collaboration. But gradually, our life paths diverged. I went to Vinnitsa, and Alex moved to Moscow. But we didn’t lose, remember he took me to the cinema House. For over 40 years we have not met in person”, – said a relative of the writer.
Аркадий Инин встретился с братом после 40 лет разлуки

When Michael went into the Studio, he embraced the brother. “Great! I would you had never learned”, – said Arkady Yakovlevich to the relative. Michael lubinsky reminded the writer that they grew up without fathers. So he gave the writer the portraits of grandparents in his youth.

Reporters went to another brother of screenwriter Vadim Lyubinsky, who lives in Kharkov. Relative Yining remembered how he married Inna Ivanova began her creative activity. Over time, close friends have much less to communicate than in his youth. Vadim has also arrived to Moscow on shootings of the program to congratulate the family.

Аркадий Инин встретился с братом после 40 лет разлуки

“Mike – he’s a simple Soviet engineer, and the Kremlin is a terrible person. He is the winner of all state prizes, Professor, academician of the…” – said the writer. However, the writer’s brother, said that is actually true only the first statement, and the rest is a figment of the imagination of his relative. Vadim lubinsky brought the birthday book – a photo album of Kharkov and of the encyclopedia “Jews, who changed their name.” He said that in the first volume written about Arkady Yakovlevich. Yining explained why it happened.

“I married Inna Ivanova – remember scenarist. – She wanted to change his name, and immediately took my family surname Gurevich. So we lived for 20 years. Then I felt uncomfortable to live with that name and I changed it officially. All steel Inini, and she remained Gurevich. She didn’t want to be Inna Irineu, said that there is such a clown…”