Arina Sharapova surprised fans with the results of rejuvenation

Арина Шарапова удивила поклонников результатами омоложения The presenter was incredibly beautiful. 55-year-old Arina Sharapova was published in the microblog picture, which looks like a maximum of forty years. Star talks about the treatments that helped her to restore youth. It is known that the woman is against Botox and plastic surgery.

      One of the most famous women in the country, which for more than fifteen years leading the program “Good morning!” on the First channel Arina Sharapova shocked subscribers microblog incredible transformation.

      The star shared a picture taken, probably during the conduct of one of its esters of the program, “Good morning!”. It Arina Sharapova, which in may of this year will mark 56 years old, looks young, blossoming woman. How she achieved such amazing results, the presenter says. Instead, she asked fans to assess whether her new glasses, which she wears as jewelry. “Glasses with no lenses – as decoration,” commented the Arina Sharapova.

      Subscribers stars was delighted with her spring freshness and incredible youth. They made Arina Anoune a lot of compliments and admitted that she is the standard of femininity and beauty.

      “Amazing, Arina!”, “Arinochka! I just adore you! You umnichka! The positivity, stability, steadiness – this is what emanates from you!”, “So you rejuvenated! Today on the screen I saw – you look just super”, “of Course, this decoration is necessary for those who sleeps little and Wake up early. And look must be so, as Arina, as if she was sleeping nine hours a day and running once a week”, “You are very cool”, “Arina, for me you are the standard of femininity and beauty,” – admired transformation the presenter her fans.

      It is worth noting that the star never hid her age and is proud that she is a grandmother of two wonderful boys – 11-year-old eight-year-old Nikita and Stepan.

      By the way, in one interview, Arina Sharapova admitted that will never go under the surgeon’s knife for of youth and beauty. The presenter is also an ardent opponent of Botox. But mesotherapy for facial skin regularly conducted.

      Told Arina Sharapova and that for his life, tried a variety of diets, as was always likely to be overweight. And only recently learned how to eat properly, and has managed to lose nine pounds in a short period of time.

      But obviously, Arina Sharapova beautiful genes. About a month ago, the star has published in the microblog video of the birthday of his mother. Anna Ivanovna was 87 years old. Subscribers Sharapova then admired the appearance and grooming of the elderly woman, saying that she can not give more than sixty years.