Arina Sharapova promised to rapidly lose weight

Арина Шарапова пообещала стремительно похудеть TV presenter, as she claims, put on weight after the holidays, so now she needs to throw pounds. She announced this on his page in Instagram. Arina Sharapova is going to put on a diet and my husband and friends – Director Yuri Grymov and singer Barbara.

Last spring, TV-presenter Arina Sharapova was the guest of his friend Elena Malysheva “Live healthy”, in which he told me he got rid of 11 pounds. Arina followed the diet, and it yielded results. In General, 56-year-old Sharapova is trying to monitor their diet always and sports – Chinese tai Chi and yoga.

But Arina is not going to stop there. Especially now, after the holidays. Journalist and President of the “School of art and media” admitted that after the New year, almost all put on weight. So she decided to join the movement that was started by Elena Malysheva “lose Weight after the New year.”

“After the New year almost everything in our country has gained weight. Two to three kilograms – is sacred. Due to the movement of buckwheat, we were joined by Yuri Grymov, who is going to lose weight, Barbara, my husband Edward, Olga Grymov. We all sit in the restaurant, but we don’t. Start moving “lose Weight after the New year. All the while. Elena, I am with you,” said Arina Sharapova in a video message.

This statement was preceded by an Internet post from the main teledoctor of the country, leading Elena Malysheva. She admitted to his followers that “scary recovered” after the holidays, so now sits on a strict diet, in fact it developed. To begin she offered with a small unloading of the day on steamed buckwheat.

However, Director Yury Grymov has questioned the serious intent of a movie star, and suggested that Malyshev eats at night. The joke of the Internet users, and Arina Sharapova came to the defense of a friend. “Not true! I know Elena at night do not eat”, she said.

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