Арина Шарапова осмелилась показать селфи без макияжа
56-year-old TV presenter was younger.

Arina Sharapova

Photo: @arinasharapova1tv Instagram Arina Sharapova

Arina Sharapova decided on a bold move: in his microblog TV presenter posted a picture posing without makeup. The presenter is now resting in Jurmala, and, like many stars during the holidays by the sea and abandoned the use of cosmetics. The face of Arina, and so constantly “suffering” from a professional make-up, so the vacation it gives the skin a rest.

Youthful appearance the 56-year-old Sharapova shocked the fans. Leading “Good morning” on the First channel really looks great, what she wrote to subscribers. According to Arina, she never resorted to the services of a plastic surgeon, but in the office of a cosmetologist there regularly. Favorite treatment Sharapova — mesotherapy.

Arina told that for many years have not been in Jurmala, where they often stayed with their parents in childhood. She remained under the pleasant impression of how the city has changed during her absence. The presenter walks a lot on the Riga seaside and explores the architectural monuments of Jurmala.

By the way, this year Sharapova has reached unprecedented success in losing weight. Use the advice from Elena Malysheva, she’s already dumped more than 11 extra pounds and continues straineth in the “eyes”.