Ариэль Уинтер рассказала, как избавилась от опеки матери

Ariel Winter

Ariel winter told about the details of the family scandal. In November 2012 star of TV series “American family” (Modern Family) sued her mother Chris Wackman and asked him to appoint her guardian older sister.

During an interview on the show Ellen DeGeneres 18-year-old Ariel winter talked about how her life without the mother’s participation:

Me no longer in control, I am responsible for everything – for work, for its content, for the money. All in my hands.

The trial with the mother lasted a long time. Winter continued:

From 14 to 17 years of age I fought for the fact that I was released from the custody of the mother. First, my sister received a temporary right to custody, and then, when I was 17, she was appointed as a permanent guardian. Now, in the end, I’m responsible for myself.

Ариэль Уинтер рассказала, как избавилась от опеки матери
Ariel Winter

Winter also spoke about his elder sister, the 37-year-old Chanel gray:

It was the best thing that happened to me in life. Chanel is my best friend and most important person to me. She was there, and passed all the tests with me, I love it to bits.

Ариэль Уинтер рассказала, как избавилась от опеки матери
Chanel gray is the sister of Ariel winter

It should be noted that the case of Ariel – not the usual judicial practice. Formally, the child may escape from custody of parents only if it is able to fully provide for themselves. In America, minors are not allowed without the consent of the parents to rent a home or to buy cars. Winter is a unique case because the court supported her sister and father.

Ariel, who was born in Los Angeles, grew up without parental support, and the mother’s behaviour hurt her more and more each day. The actress has previously reported that her mother constantly criticized her appearance and weight, did not give her to eat normally and put on a diet of egg whites and vegetables, and often made daughter slaps.

For me it was very difficult. I emotionally and physically easier for itself to answer,

– said the actress. Ariel did not go into the details of his life with his mother.

Ариэль Уинтер рассказала, как избавилась от опеки матери
Ariel winter with her mother

I’m not going to talk about it, because I want to give her the same respect she showed me in public,

– signed 18-year-old star.

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