Ariana Grande to protect themselves from the attention of an unbalanced fan

Ариана Гранде оградила себя от внимания неуравновешенного фаната

Stars are often faced with the downside of fame, which is the increased attention to his person from the fans. Not passed this fate Ariana Grande.

31-year-old resident of Massachusetts Timothy Normandin annoyed his attention to the star in 2014. He sent her sms, messages in social networks, and also tried to meet in person, nagryanuv to her home in Connecticut and new York, sent a very strange presents, among which were scented candles and a stone from the White Mountains in new Hampshire, and even pumpkin weighing 19 pounds.

Tolerate the antics of his fan Ariana was tired, therefore asked the court to protect her from his attention.

13 December 2016, the court rendered the decision to ban Timothy to approach Grande for three years and ordered to undergo treatment at the psychotherapist.

It turned out that Normandien has some mental disorder (delusional disorders) that need to be adjusted.

Informed to protect themselves from the attention of a Stalker was able to keira Knightley.