Ариана Гранде демонстрирует болельщикам свои натуральные волосы

Of Ariana Grande was a very long high ponytail for so many years that fans have no idea how to look like her real hair. She told them about it in the history of IG, and now they go crazy from it.
Think about it, when was the last time you saw natural hair Ariana Grande? Yes, we, too, can’t remember. She wears superellipse and showed a pony almost his entire career. But in black and white in Instagram November 25, Ari told fans about how her hair looks naturally, and they go crazy from it. 26-year-old woman can be seen in front of the mirror with her natural curly hair, tied up in a short ponytail when she holds your fingers on it.

Ариана Гранде демонстрирует болельщикам свои натуральные волосы
Fans went crazy from the appearance. As they were unable to comment on the story, they turned to Twitter to beg Ariana often wear her hair naturally. “I love your natural hair!! Please be most natural hair @ ArianaGrande, — wrote one fan. “And you hair is amazing, when will we see you on stage? @ArianaGrande,” the user named Marlene tweeted.
“Keep your hair natural,” another person tweeted, while the person I love, miss ponytail, asked Ari, “Leave the tail, I want to see your real hair”. A woman named Hannah agreed, writing on Twitter: “the Girl just attune yourself and show us how it looks”. Fan Alani wrote: “@ ArianaGrande, you really should wear your natural, sometimes it looks so great and well”.
To Grammy 2014 Ari said in an interview with radio station Mix 104.1 out of Boston, she always wore a long high pony hair style because her hair fell out after four years they painted them in red color. “I was on a TV show for a very long time where I had to dye her hair every week for the role, so naturally, my hair fell out. Everything was broken, so I have a lot of hair extensions” she explained.

“But I can’t just wear their hair how they want. It’s easier for me to tie it because my hair is so short and broken. So all the time I’ve had the same hairstyle. And it is convenient to me. I will solve this problem in the end. I just need to wait until my hair grows back. It’s like little pieces of hay right now, it’s not cute. I would like to display them, but I’d look like a Scarecrow”. Well, her hair looks long enough to be able to try it the real way!

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