Ариана Гранде в шикарном платье празднует победу в номинации Grammy

Ariana Grande, the singer is touching and tender, but has a solid rod. The artist decided to boycott because of the dictatorship of the producer of Grammy and Feb 11, stayed home instead to Shine on the red carpet and perform songs on stage. How was this day the Grand?

Ариана Гранде в шикарном платье празднует победу в номинации Grammy

Instead of the red carpet, the singer was shining tile of the house, and accompanying the dog. Dressed in a pale blue dress Zac Posen, Ariana posed for a photo in instagram. The outfit complements large necklace, which you can consider carefully at the pictures, and small earrings. Fans in the comments noted that Ariana is similar to fairy tale Princess Cinderella.

By the way, to celebrate the singer was. Despite the boycott, Ariana received the award in the nomination “the best pop album of the year”. On one of the videos in your profile, the star is lying under the blanket in his bed, supposedly showing that absolutely no regrets about his categorical decision.

Ариана Гранде в шикарном платье празднует победу в номинации Grammy
We will remind, the singer was nominated for the award in the category “Best pop solo performance” and Grande began to negotiate with the organizers of his speech at the ceremony. But the stars and producers of the conflict occurred: supposedly the artist was forbidden to choose the second track that she will perform what she is very offended and boycott.

The producer of the Grammys Ken Ehrlich in an interview with Associated Press said: “We were in negotiations about a possible performance Ariana Grande on Sunday, but she felt that it was too late to do something.” Ariana did not remain silent and wrote in his Twitter: “I kept my mouth shut, but you began to lie. I can put on a show for the night, and you know it, Ken. That was when my creativity was suppressed by you, so I decided not to come. I hope the show turned out exactly the way you want and even more, I suggested 3 different songs. We are talking about cooperation. The main thing — to feel the support. This art and honesty. Not politics. Not to do favors and don’t play games. It’s just a game for you all.. And I’m sorry, but that’s not what music means to me.”

This year, Grammy also took place without Taylor swift, who on this day was present at another event — BAFTA, which was supported by her beloved Joe Alvin. The painting “Mistress” with his participation was nominated in the categories “Best film” and “Outstanding British film”.

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