Ariana Grande has expressed condolences over the victims at her concert

Ариана Гранде выразила соболезнования по поводу жертв на ее концерте
The death toll was more than originally reported.

Ариана Гранде выразила соболезнования по поводу жертв на ее концерте

Yesterday’s tragedy at the stadium in Manchester, where during the concert
popular singer Ariana Grande, an explosion occurred, which led to numerous
victims, shocked the world. “I’m in shock. From the heart Express your
condolences. I’m so sorry about what happened in this horror…” – wrote the singer in
the social network. And Arianny Manager — Scooter Braun added: “we Have just
there are no words to Express the depth of our sympathy for the victims and their families
the victims of this horrific and senseless attack…”

The tragedy erupted yesterday evening, when the concert was finished and the audience
began to leave the stadium. The explosion, which occurred near the exit, where at the moment gathered
a lot of people, killed at least 22 people and injured about 60
people. The originally reported 19 dead, but later this figure
increased. This was reported by the British media, particularly the Guardian.

Although police have not yet come to final conclusions, it is
the incident at this stage is considered as a terrorist act. Many British
stars including Taylor swift, Katy Perry
and cher, have already expressed their condolences. Special indignation of many
was the fact that this inhuman action was directed against
very young people — after concerts Ariana Grande to go, for the most part,